Last month, inflation fell to 1.9% fast food store continued fare increase

Last month, the basic inflation rate fell slightly to 1.9%, but fast food group food prices plus non-stop.

Big happy last month will be on the line “A live baked pork chop rice" fare increase of 2.4%, afternoon to buy a box to 42 yuan, is the second time this year, the fare increase; Maxim has a store of cooking rice this month also Dish 1 yuan, it is the first two degrees within six months of fare increases.

The Census and Statistics Department (C & SD) announced yesterday that the basic inflation rate was 1.9% last month, slightly lower than the 2% in July. This was mainly due to the decline in transportation costs in Hong Kong. Consumption in all categories of consumption, the consumption of consumer goods during the period to maintain 2.7%, excluding food consumption out of food consumption fell to 1.9%.

Big happy: material prices Maxim: cost rise

The newspaper monitors the changes in the prices of designated foodstuffs in 15 restaurants in Hong Kong, including the one of the shopping malls in the redevelopment of Tseung Kwan O New Metropolitan Center and one of the shopping malls in the shopping malls of Queen’s Road Central in Central. $ 41 per month, up from $ 1 to $ 42, or 2.4%, and $ 1 for the baked pork of the Central and Quarry Bay Maxim’s MX stores.

Happy response to the newspaper said that in response to rising raw material prices, the Group as much as possible to bear its impact, on the 31st of last month to adjust the price of A live baked pork chop rice, raised from 41 yuan to 42 yuan.

According to the newspaper record, the big happy food table called afternoon baked pork chop rice in February this year, the whole line increased by 1 yuan, in other words about the food this year, the second increase.

Located in the Central China Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building, the United States and the heart of MX, afternoon cooking flavor and canteen food single price, from 38 yuan last month to 39 yuan; afternoon siu mei meal by the last month 40 yuan to 41 per cent; the increase was 2.6 per cent and 2.5 per cent respectively. Newspaper data show that the Merit MX store afternoon lunch singles, double rice, the last fare increase is April this year, that is, six months of two increases.

Maxim’s response means that the Group has slightly adjusted the food prices of the stores due to higher operating costs.

In addition, a Government spokesman said that the local economic inflation pressure is moderate, in view of Hong Kong’s major sources of imports of low inflation, and the local cost increase is moderate, inflation risk in the short term should still be limited.