New Town Square: 8%

New City Plaza refers to the retail market is stable, the first three quarters of this year rose 8%, turnover also recorded double-digit increase, optimistic about the fourth quarter performance.

Sun Hung Kai Properties (00016) Deputy Manager Xu Jiayen said that as the theater is expected to reopen in August next year, shopping malls interested in strengthening the development of food and beverage, coupled with the characteristics of the catering market by the holding, will introduce more long-term and short-term dining tenants, Such as the dessert shop Lady M, Kyoto, Japan, green tea shop in the village rattan Kyrgyzstan, local fine coffee shop Elephant Grounds and so on. She believes that the market concerned about food and retail, also see the Internet to promote the restaurant industry’s response is more prominent.

To introduce more catering tenants

Xu also pointed out that the Golden Week for the time being not for sale forecast, shopping malls to local customers to promote the main; the current shopping malls accounted for about 70% of local customers, per capita consumption of about 5,500 yuan. She also mentioned that the renovation of the renovation of the mall is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019, some shops will be the third quarter of next year began to reopen, the current rent increase is about double digits.

In addition, the shopping center will be held this Sunday to October 15 “Music In Town", with a number of music performances and mini music parties, more than 30 in-court apparel and electronic audio and video businesses will launch shopping rebate discounts and discounts, And the introduction of the French audio brand Devialet period limit shop. Xu said that this year’s promotion fee increased by 1 to 5 million yuan, is expected during the activities of the flow of people over the same period last year rose 8%, weekdays to 300,000 people, while the weekend flow of up to 400,000 people, double-digit increase in turnover. Shopping malls and with the adjacent to the new land under the shopping malls for online and offline all-round publicity, for the first time across the mall marketing strategy.