New World research new study pushed college graduates first home

While the market is discussing the upcoming launch of the Hong Kong people on the market, New World Development (00017) yesterday revealed that it is studying the first-time home improvement program for university graduates. Students who have completed two to three years after graduation Period and special contribution period and other measures, early on the train.

Rent set Zheng Zhigang: do not encourage speculation

New World Executive Vice President and General Manager Zheng Zhigang said that hearing the voice of young colleagues on the car, so I hope to help solve the livelihood of the problem, while seeing the market has rigid demand, then a stone three birds launched the first plan of college graduates, so that they can To ultra-low early stage, such as just pay a few hundred thousand dollars can be purchased to buy 5 million yuan private building way to reduce their pressure to pay the first phase.

The first set of disk accounts for about 1 to 2 units

He stressed that while plans for the payment of stamp duty and the provision of a longer contribution period in close proximity to the market, it would be relatively easy for university graduates with stable income to contribute in the first few years, , But the group “is not to encourage speculation, nor is it to sell it down".

Zheng Zhigang pointed out that the group will find a new project for young people living around, about 10% to 20% of each unit as a college graduates first set, initially may be in Tuen Mun THE PARKVILLE trial, but the actual situation depends on The details of the progress of the study and the community at which the properties are located will depend on whether the community is suitable for young people and the time for the introduction of the first scheme is not implemented. It is possible to launch it next year.

According to THE PARKVILLE Lou book disclosure, THE PARKVILLE a total of 100 units, if out of 10% for college graduates first set, which means only 10 units. Mr Cheng said the scheme would require buyers to live only after their resale and rent restrictions within a few years after buying a house. If the response is satisfactory after the introduction of Hong Kong, it will not rule out the future implementation in the Mainland.

Analyst: the original intention to worry about the implementation of difficult

There are foreign analysts believe that the introduction of college graduates plan is the original intention is good, but the implementation of the difficulty, because the amount of units launched can not be too high, means that the unit area must be limited, while the project is located in the region or bias is the New Territories real estate, Young people may not be favored, more important is the new world of college graduates first plan is to provide assistance to younger young people, they may have problems in the repayment of the future.

For the first home of the first proposed by the forest, Zheng Zhigang responded to the Government to implement the details after the consideration, if to help solve the first home and housing needs, the group willing to participate.