Scholars: preferential land prices to attract developers to release soil storage

Former Chairman of the Housing Authority, Planning and Design Department of the Hong Kong University of Hong Kong, said that the key to the first set of land is the land source. Otherwise, the “pond water pond fish" will affect the supply of existing public and private flats. To provide new land.

Loss of private building value Zhao Lixia not agree to mix

Although the Government has shown that there is no intention to use public housing to build the first home on the car, but Zhao Lixia said, even if there is a demand for private housing, if part of the land allocated to the first set on the car, private building supply will also affect the price , So there is a need to set up new mechanisms to increase land sources.

As for the use of public-private partnerships, she believes that through preferential land prices or higher plot ratios, it will help attract developers to release land reserves and tend to favor concessionary rates because the plot ratio will always have an impact on community landscape. At the same time, the size of the project does not need to have too much restriction, but have to take into account the surrounding should have the appropriate traffic and matching.

If the use of public and private cooperation model, which first set on the car, the proportion of private buildings should be how to balance. She suggested that the proportion of private buildings should account for a large proportion, such as 6 to 7 percent, the remaining 3 to 4 as the first set of disk, and do not agree with the use of mixed, random distribution model, should be independently selected 2 to 3 for funding purposes , Because the mixed distribution will inevitably affect the value of private buildings, buyers for the private building is not fair.