New World 700 million to buy the Royal Theater

New World 700 million to buy the Royal Theater, even 3

Urban land supply is rare, and the acquisition of old buildings has become a major factor for developers to increase their land storage. Among them, New World (0017) or related parties, although they have held more than 80% of the ownership of the North Point Royal Theatre Building, have applied for Strong shot, but earlier it was nearly 737 million yuan to acquire the theater part and 3 plots. The purchase price was 1.1 times higher than the valuation at the end of last year.

The Land Registry shows that the Theatre Department of the Royal Theatre Building and the Shops Nos. 27, 28 and 80 on the ground floor were last purchased by Orient Sea Investments Limited for $736.69 billion last month. They are New World or related parties. All of the above-mentioned baskets have a total area of ​​approximately 5,090 square feet, and the current purchase price is as high as 144,700 yuan. At the end of last year, when New World applied for a strong shot, the theater part together with the three shops was valued at 3.4734 billion yuan at the time, in other words, the sub-new world purchase price was 1.1 times higher than the value of six months ago.

The entire Emperor Theatre Building Redevelopment Programme is located at 271-291 King’s Road, North Point, 4, 4A to 4D, 6, 6A to 6D, and No. 2 to 16 Power Plant Street, covering an area of ​​36, 201.5 square feet. The existing property was completed in 1959. In the year, the age of the building has been 59 years. If it is rebuilt into a house, the plot ratio can reach 10 times, and the floor can be built about 36.2 million miles. If the commercial building is developed, the plot ratio can be increased to 15 times, and the floor can be built up to 52.5. Wanfang.

Crocodile shirt 5615 million Hennessy Road shop

Another crocodile shirt (0122) announced that it sold the ground floor of Hennessy Road Building in Wan Chai for 56.15 million yuan. The shop area was 1170 square feet and the price was about 48,000 yuan. According to the data, the crocodile shirt was purchased in the shop for 52.8 million yuan in 2013, and the book only earned 3.35 million yuan or 6.3%.