New Territories homes with a parking space of 1.93 million

New Territories homes with a parking space of 1.93 million

2016 Link Exhibition (823) took out the Fanling Xinshengyuan parking lot (pictured) and shops to Dong Huiji Wood for 181 million yuan. After three years, the big owners began to dismantle the parking spaces at the beginning of this year. Starting from 960,000 yuan, about 150 have been sold so far. According to the Land Registry, the number of double-car spaces on the 1st floor was as high as $1.93 million. Apart from setting a new high in the number of HOS flats in the district, it is also considered to be the most expensive HOS flat in the New Territories.

Xingtian Village parking space is 48% expensive for 4 years

According to the information, Xinshengyuan provides 2,450 people. The parking lot is 6 stories high with 252 parking spaces. The parking space ratio is 9.72 to 1. The cost of the Fanling Home Ownership Scheme is close to $2 million. It is more expensive than some private housing estates in the same district. For example, Huadu Square and the Dawning Room cost about 1.7 million yuan. Tai Kok Tsuen Fu Wing Garden is currently the most expensive car home in Hong Kong. There is a car in the estate which was changed to a maximum of $2.24 million in April this year.

There is also speculation in public housing. A single parking space in Xingtian Village, Lantian, investors bought in September 2015 for 960,000 yuan, sold for 1.42 million yuan last month, and 48% for four years.

Lai Chi Kok Mankton Hill has a high-priced parking space. It is located on the 1st floor of the double parking space. It has just been sold for 3.6 million yuan and has the highest parking space in the flat. The seller bought it at 550,000 yuan in 2007 and 5.5 times in 12 years.