Ngau Tau Kok industrial and commercial property frequency transactions

East Kowloon trading to active, which Ngau Tau Kok has recently recorded a large number of commercial and industrial and commercial transactions, I believe that the commercial atmosphere of the lot is more mature, expected to attract the consortium to watch.

8 Bay East 90% of all sales of Kowloon high

The development of Kowloon East is becoming more and more mature. The recent transaction of industrial and commercial properties is concentrated in Ngau Tau Kok, which is mainly located at Kwun Tong Road, Lai Ye Street and Wai Yip Street. The largest hand is sold for $ 9 billion in Kwun Tong 8 Bay East (01031) Zhu Tai last year to 6.528 billion yuan, to the Pacific (01972) to buy the Kowloon Bay Kingston Financial Center, has always been the largest commercial store in Kowloon, but also the largest cost of the largest business in the year of sale The

The property is located at Ngau Tau Kok Hoi Tin Road, formerly known as Wharf Telecom Plaza. The group is demolished in the early years and is now under construction. The developer is named 8 Bay East and is expected to be completed in 2019. 21-storey property, the total floor of about 596,217 square feet, recently by the green house in China real estate (00095) investment, the average price of about 15,000 yuan.

The site has been the successor of commercial buildings, the early years there will be Sibo Group building, and the early days of Singapore Fengshu industry investment in land to build commercial buildings, temporarily named Feng tree center, will be completed this year, the total floor of about 660,000 square feet. It is understood that the number of floors of the project has been pre-rented, including the shared work space WeWork pre-leased 57,000 square feet of floor, about $ 25 rent.

Maisi Wei building all plans to rebuild commercial buildings

Kwun Tong Road and Lai King Street area to the main building, a lot of consortium to deploy the purchase of industrial and commercial reconstruction, such as the old manufacturers recently to 1.39 billion yuan, sold Kwun Tong Maisi Wei Industrial Building, the property site area of ​​about 19,180 square In the future can be land premium for the development of commercial buildings to 12 times the plot ratio calculation, the reconstruction of the floor about 230,000 square feet, the floor price of 6,039 yuan, the original owner of the original intention of about 20 billion yuan, the low price of the transaction 3 into. Buyers for the Roche real estate, the purchase of property into commercial buildings. In addition, the old manufacturers registered 368 Kwun Tong Road, Ying Ya factory building, the closing date for the October 19 (Thursday). The property covers an area of ​​about 20,175 square feet and a maximum of 40 floors. The total area of ​​the building is 242,100 sq ft. The property is now ready for redevelopment and is priced at about $ 6,608 per square foot at $ 1.6 billion. The news is that the project is being booked by the consortium.

Analysis refers to the past, the newly completed commercial buildings in East Kowloon, mainly concentrated in Kowloon Bay and Kwun Tong, contrary to the Ngau Tau Kok area is still the main building blocks, fewer new projects completed. As a result, many buildings and sites in Kowloon Bay and Kwun Tong have been excavated and rebuilt by the consortium and are now moving towards Ngau Tau Kok. The recent transaction is concentrated in Kwun Tong Road and Lai Ye Street. Due to the proximity of the MTR station to the MTR station, the traffic is easy and the redevelopment project will enjoy the sea view.