Sham Shui Po AVA 228 floor flowering period of more than 3 years providing 160 groups of open households accounted for 70% of the sale next month

The developers are eager to push the market positively. In the past, the Luhua family, which sold the mini-panel of the long-street period, the new single-small mini-disc in Sham Shui Po, South Sham Shui Po, was named AVA 228 yesterday. The deployment will be launched next month. 160 gangs, the fifth set of AVA series, about 70% open small households; the project is expected to be completed by the end of December 2021, the floor period is more than 36 months, is the longest in the AVA series, and even has the opportunity to surpass Jiujian (00034) Around the sea. The East Coast has become the newest flat for the longest period of construction since the implementation of the First-hand Residential Property Sales Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the First-hand New Case) at the end of April 2013. In addition, Dasheng Real Estate, a subsidiary of the Ma’s family of Dasheng Bank, is located in the Tai Po Road luxury building project. Cui Yashan opened its demonstration unit for the first time yesterday. It will be launched next month and is expected to be sold in full-frame.

AVA 228 developer representative Yu Man project manager Cai Renhui said that the group’s acquisition of adjacent sites, the acquisition cost of about 400 million yuan, a total of 160 groups, the main open and one-bedroom, is preparing for demonstration units and building books, expected to push during the year Sold. The company’s planning director Lu Wende said that the project is located at 218-228 Da Nan Street, with a site area of ​​about 5162 square meters, and 2 to 25 floors is a residential part with 8 people on each floor.

Or beyond the sea. East Coast, the longest after one hand

According to the developer, open-end units account for about 70% of the 160 groups, and the finest units are similar to the AVA 61 in the same district. At present, the most practical unit of the AVA 61 is only 150 square meters. It is the finest unit in the new market in Kowloon after the implementation of the first-hand new case.

AVA 228 is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. The floor plan is expected to be more than 3 years. It is not only the longest in the AVA series, but even has the opportunity to surpass the Hung Hom. The East Coast has become the longest project in the new building.

Tai Po Road, Tsui Ya Shan, the first opening position

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the US-based residential department responsible for sales, said that the market demand for fine units is strong, and the project is located in the urban area, adjacent to the MTR station. In the past, the same type of units in the district responded well and had confidence in sales. In the face of the project’s period of more than 3 years, the property market has changed a lot during the period, and the property market is entering a downturn. If the property market falls after three years, buyers have a chance to win the bank mortgage, Bu Shaoming said. Although the market conditions have been adjusted, the developers are still optimistic about the market outlook. At present, banks have been building long-term property mortgages. Project payment and financial arrangements are still under consideration. I believe Hong Kong people respect the spirit of the contract and do not worry about the above situation.

Da Yin Real Estate is located in Cui Ya Shan, the current luxury mansion project at No. 383 Tai Po Road. It opened the first floor demonstration unit for the first time yesterday, including two rooms of Room 23, with a saleable area of ​​1,675 square feet, which is a two-bedroom interval. The utility area is 1867 square meters and is designed in 3 suites.

Zhu Weixiong, general manager of the project (project), said that the project provides 35 people and is preparing the building book. It is expected to be uploaded at the beginning of next month. Then the demonstration unit will be opened for visit. It is expected to push 1, 3 seats first, and bid for sale in the whole building. The buyer is a large family, the group has received relevant inquiries; the second block of 28 people have the opportunity to retain the rent collection.