Tens of millions of people have come out of the cage

Recently, developers are actively selling non-core properties. Considering that there are still many billions of land in the future, especially in the Kai Tak Runway area, there are still many sea-facing land. Therefore, in addition to the consortium, the company is more active in preparing goods. bullet".

Recently, there have been many launches in the market. In particular, there are more than 10 residential plots on the Kai Tak Runway area. It is a rare Victoria Harbour view. The market expects a total value of 100 billion yuan, each of which is between 8 billion and over 10 billion. Yuan’s valuable plot.

Kai Tak Runway Area

It is precisely because the seascape of the Kai Tak Runway area is quite rare, which is more strategic for developers. Among them, Wheelock Properties, New World (00017), Henderson Land (00012) and Imperial Group 4 developers form a consortium. Rarely linked to the land, the market is more speculative about its intention to invest in a lot of land, play a synergistic effect, and form a large-scale development project.

In the short-term, there will be a section 2 of Kai Tak’s 4B District next month. It is believed that it will be interested in continuing to bid for the first runway area that was won by the consortium of Devon and New World.

At the same time, in addition to the tens of billions of land in the Kai Tak Runway area, there are still many large-scale projects in the urban area, which are expected to be launched in the future, including the West Kowloon High-speed Railway Station with a market value of 100 billion yuan, and the tens of billions of Admiralty Stations. Projects, etc.

In order to bid for these large-scale projects, apart from co-organizing consortiums to reduce risks, various developers are also actively pursuing non-core property cash-outs to prepare for future investment.

For example, Wheelock Properties has taken out three shopping malls in Tseung Kwan O South for $3.38 billion this year. The Trust (00083) also sells two shopping centres in Sha Tin Fo Tan and Ma On Shan with a market value of $1.5 billion. The market believes that the same type of dumping operations will come one after another.