Kaihui wins the second phase of 208, selling 8.5%

Kaihui wins the second phase of 208, selling 8.5%

This year’s downtown finale, Kwun Tong Kaihui’s first phase of sales momentum is like a rainbow, led the development of the company’s letter (00083) yesterday, the second round of sales a total of 383, only 6 and a half minutes quickly cleared, more attracted to two years The 9-year-old elder buyer entered the market, the oldest 98-year-old mother-in-law, who bought the three-bedroom unit with about 15 million yuan, the most eye-catching [see separate manuscript]. The developer pursued the victory and launched the second phase of the Kaihui sale last night. The first price list was 208, and the average price was 18,008 yuan, which was 3.6% higher than the first batch of the first batch, but the average of the previous batch was reduced. Compared with the price of 19,688 yuan, it is 8.5% lower, reflecting the developer’s pricing restraint. In addition, the first batch of units in the second phase is relatively small, and the discounted admission fee falls below the “seven balls", only 682.18 million yuan.

Second round sales 383 people 6 hours clear

Kaihui’s first phase of the second round of sales yesterday, including a total of 383 pairs of two price orders, the average price of 18,811 yuan. After arriving at the Empire Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui at 9 am, the prospective purchasers immediately proceeded to the sales office at Tsim Sha Tsui Centre. The developer started to pick up the flat at 9:30. The first sentence was 80 gangs and about 168 pm at 1 pm, all 383 At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, only 6 and a half minutes after picking up the building, they were all subscribed.

Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of the company’s sales department, said that the project was sold in the second round yesterday. The first 100-day attendance rate was 80%, and the largest buyer bought 40 million yuan to buy two groups.

6th set of 10 billion material innovation record

The developer announced in the evening that Kaihui’s sales were hot and smashed. The 383 people sold on Tuesday were all sold out. The daily cash flow exceeded 4.9 billion yuan, together with the first round of sales of over 5.7 billion yuan. On the 6th, the cumulative cash-out was over 10.6 billion yuan. Breaking the Group’s record and believing that it is the fastest-growing property since the end of April 2013 when the First-hand Residential Property Sales Regulations came into effect.

The first phase of Kaihui was the only one in the second half of this year, which was able to achieve a clear score when it was sold in the first two weeks. Looking up the information, this year’s first cash-out of 10 billion yuan for the new disk of the Tenderand Real Estate’s Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kang City MALIBU, the sale of 15 days of cash out of more than 12.1 billion yuan; the other three sales exceeded 10 billion new disk, including LP6, which is led by Nanfeng in the same district, Baiwei Mountain in the North Point of New World (00017) and Clearwater Bay in Saigon.

The price of new goods is 18,008 yuan, from 6.82 million.

The developer hit the iron hot, and the second phase of the Kaihui unit was launched for the first time last night. The first price list was 208, and the admission fee was 6,821,800 yuan. Among them, 27 houses and 97 houses and three rooms. Accounted for 84 people, the practical area ranged from 380 to 945 square meters, the highest discount remained unchanged at 20.5%, and the average price of the discount was 18,008 yuan, which was 8.58 yuan lower than the average price of the previous batch of units, which was 8.85 yuan lower; Comparing the first batch of the first batch of the initial discount of 17,388 yuan, it was increased by 3.6%, but the first price list of the two issues was not far from the actual price of the same floor unit. The second phase of Kaihui, located at No. 33 Xiehe Street, consists of the 3rd and 5th buildings, providing 974 people, with a saleable area of ​​333 to 1502 square meters, and the first phase was entered at the end of April 2021.

Bu Shaoming, the chief executive of Midland’s residential department, said that Kaihui’s two-time sales have achieved good results, which has laid a strong boost for the property market and warmed up the overall new atmosphere. I believe that buyers who are waiting to see the market will enter the market again. Other new The coils are also benefited, and the average price of the first price list of Kaihui’s second period is not far from the first batch of the first period, reflecting that the developer’s intention to go out is very high. The second stage unit has a fine silver code. Attract more users to buy.