Cyberport helps start-up funding gaps Funds are reluctant to invest early

Cyberport helps start-up funding gaps Funds are reluctant to invest early

Hong Kong start-ups are hard to get started. Ren Jingxin, CEO of Cyberport, said that Hong Kong funds are less willing to invest in the early stage, and there is a gap in A-round or Pre-A round financing, which makes potential start-ups face financial problems and is difficult to further Development, the fund provided by Cyberport mainly fills this gap.

No intention to assist the company to go public

Ren Jingxin pointed out that there are many other funds involved in the B round and subsequent financing. At present, there are 1280 companies in the Cyberport Park, and the accumulated financing of the start-ups exceeds 8.36 billion yuan. Next year, we will focus on the development of financial technology, smart city life and e-sports digital entertainment. Three industries. The Cyberport has a creative micro-fund, which gives start-ups a seed fund of 100,000 yuan, launches entrepreneurial plans, and develops prototypes.

However, he revealed that the Cyberport does not intend to provide special assistance for the listing of start-ups. As the listing process has established institutions, the GoGoVan, a local logistics and cargo platform cultivated by the Cyberport, is ready to go public.

Cyberport established an investor network last year. Ren Jingxin said that the number of funds that have been added has increased from 50 last year to 80, which has led to the docking of 10 projects. The start-ups have led more than 234 million yuan. The sources of funding are becoming more diversified, including private equity and venture capital funds, corporate investors, angel investors, family offices, association funds, accelerators and individual investors.

In addition, the Government has allocated $100 million to the Cyberport to develop e-sports. The Chairman of the Cyberport, Mr Lam Yik-yiu, said that $50 million was used for the construction of the e-sports venue. It was converted from the Cyberport Atrium and has 500 seats. Opening in the middle. The Cyberport shopping centre will also be refurbished. The various floors will be remodeled with the theme of e-sports or digital entertainment, smart learning and smart living, and smart devices will be introduced.

E-sports venue is expected to open next year

Ren Jingxin added that the existing e-sports halls in the market are mostly small venues for 10 to 20 people, and the Cyberport will not compete with them. He announced that the Cyberport e-sports venue could be initially tested in the coming months, Christmas, New Year holidays or the first e-sports competition.

In recent months, there have been a number of user data leakage incidents. Ren Jingxin believes that traditional enterprises are paying more and more attention to network security issues. The Cyberport has set up an independent platform for enterprises and startups to simulate the situation of network attack systems and introduce them to large enterprises. The technology of the relevant startup company.

He also mentioned that Cyberport forms a corporate network and works with large companies such as Cathay Pacific (00293) and Hong Kong Telecom (06823) to reach out to the management of the company and understand the demand for new technologies from traditional enterprises. The Cyberport provides technology solutions for companies to match related startups and promote new and old economies.