Ruxin Square Refurbished Restaurant Pre-rental 80%

Ruxin Square Refurbished Restaurant Pre-rental 80%

The Phase I and Phase II shopping malls of the Tsuen Wan Plaza will be opened in the middle of next year. The restaurant, which covers about 84,000 square feet, has been pre-leased by 80%. The retail sector is rented for $50 to $120.

Zhang Jiajun, deputy general manager of Huaying Group’s rental department, pointed out that the total floor area of ​​Phase I and Phase II of Ruxin Plaza is about 280,000 square meters, of which 30% are restaurants and restaurants, a total of 84,000 square meters; clothing and watches and jewelry account for 43%. , involving about 120,000 square feet; beauty and health care accounted for 13%, the rest for life department stores and others.

The retail part of the mall starts at 50 yuan per trip.

There are about 140 shops with an area of ​​200 to 16,000 square feet. The overall occupancy rate is about 30%, of which the occupancy rate of restaurants is about 80%. In another issue, there will be a hand-written street, and a ginseng shop has already implemented a rent of 12,000 square feet. The next step will be to introduce the retail part of the rent, renting 50 to 120 yuan, the rental rate is expected to reach 70% at the opening of the mall, it is estimated that 80,000 people on weekdays, up to 100,000 on weekends.

Gong Hao, executive director and director of marketing department of Huaying Group, said that the development of Tsuen Wan was rapid and there were many new housing estates in the surrounding area. The consumption power of the district was strong and the tourism industry was good. Therefore, it was decided to renovate the first phase shopping mall and connect with the second phase. , resulting in the group’s flagship mall.