Telford “four press" silver master 5 million start film

Property prices hovering long months, some silver owners to take advantage of the sale of the hands of the unit. Kowloon Bay Telford Garden, a low-level “four-disk", the original owner held less than two years, the unit has been reduced to silver master disk, recently commissioned by the silver auction house to 5 million yuan offer, bid price compared with the original owner About 100 million lower, also lower than the bank valuation of more than two percent.

Low bank valuation of more than two percent

The aforesaid units are the lower 7 rooms of the Dau Tak Garden O Block, with a usable area of ​​538 square feet. The original owner purchased for $ 6 million in December 2015 and about $ 12,000 in foot terms. Borrowed, the latest is in July this year for the loan of 300,000 yuan, part of the mortgage has been repaid, eventually reduced to silver master.

The auction will be auctioned on the 5th of next month. The offer will be in line with the purchase price of the original owner and the online valuation of the three banks of HSBC, BOCHK and Standard Chartered Bank, which is about $ 6.45 million to $ 6.8 million, To 26%.

Although the number of silver master disk in recent months there are signs of rising, but many silver master sale has recently been allowed to undertake. To this month, the market has more than 10 silver master trades, and Huang Daxian Fengde Village Yinfeng floor, a low-level silver main plate early this month to white table price (free market, land premium) 195 million change hands The most attention, the transaction price of 15,500 yuan per foot, the highest price of the highest price of public housing in Hong Kong.