Pursue the most basic needs of life

After seeing the increase in wages in the recent period, and then setting prices in the era of skyrocketing property prices, the minds of his brother Leslie Cheung are thought to be chased after they are raised. The need to live in peace should be the most basic need of life. But in the ten years, although the salary continues to rise, it still cannot be seen. The taillight of the property price.

According to figures released by the Census and Statistics Department last week, the monthly median salary of employees in Hong Kong (excluding government employees and trainees exempted by the Minimum Wage Ordinance, working experience students and live-in domestic helpers) from May to June 2017 The number was 16,800 yuan, which was 4.1% higher than the median of 16,200 yuan from May to June 2016.

Tang Rong sought statistics from 2009. Table 1 shows that the median monthly salary growth of Hong Kong employees is actually ideal. Compared to 2009, the median wage increase in 2017 was 46%. However, compared with property prices, it is still unmatched.

The increase in property prices

Table 2 shows that according to the chart of the United States property price, using the average property price of 100 housing estates in June of each year, compared with 2009, the property price increase is 135%.

If it is the private housing price index of the Rating and Valuation Department, it was 121.1 in June 2009 and 336.1 in June 2017 (which had risen to 357.7 in January this year). The increase in property prices reached 178%.

This reminds Tang Rong that last year’s report quoted the Rating and Valuation Department’s property price index. The selling price of the upper platter with an area of ​​less than 430 feet in the past 20 years rose by 169.5%, outperforming the overall property price, but the income of university graduates increased far. Can not catch up. The study found that the price of cesium accounted for a higher proportion of income. Taking a unit of 430呎 or less in the New Territories as an example, the fifth generation of college students (born from 1987 to 1991) had to pay 45% of the salary for the first time when they first entered the workplace. However, after working 5 years, it will take 47% of the salary; for the sixth generation of university graduates (born 92-96 years), it will take 60% of the monthly salary to buy 1 unit of area, reflecting the college students. The sooner you buy a building, the harder it will be to buy a building. The study mentioned that although the income of university graduates has increased with seniority, they have been eroded by property prices. The property prices have become higher and higher proportion of young generation income, and there is no hope of getting on the train.

Tang Rong tried to compare the median wage in Hong Kong with the price of 100 housing estates in the same period. The figure shows how many flats can be purchased with monthly salary? In 2009, the purchasing power of Hong Kong employees can also buy 2.3 square feet, and in 2017, it has been at the low end of the statistical year and can only buy 1.4 inches.

The median salary of wage earners, Table 1 shows that since 2013, the annual increase rate has continued to shrink, property prices have continued to rise at a rapid rate, and later they have a retaliatory rebound. Nearly 10 to 20 percent of the year is a matter of leisure. The people are chasing after the chase!