Silver Master 31 Urgent Change Array Sale by Category

Lou Dongjun (00988) (Renamed as Silk Road Logistics Holdings last month) Former Chairperson Cai Sui-xin and former Chief Executive Officer Liu Yu and others held a total of 31 properties, all of which had previously been reduced to silver masters. The main banker of the Bank of East Asia (00023) commissioned Savills to sell it in a bundled basket of tenders and ended up with a flow mark. The city pass silver master will change the array, allowing the property to be sold in the form of a housing estate or project (commercial building), of which 14 Beverly Hills villas in Tai Po still only accept purchases by buyers in a basket.

Beverly Hills Villa is still not “buy"

The 31 properties, including residential, office and parking spaces, accounted for the largest number of villas in Tai Po Beverly Hills Villas, and another 6 were Stanley Regal Bay Houses. The valuation of the entire batch of properties amounted to approximately RMB 1.16 billion. The number is also the largest number of silver master properties sold in the past 15 years.

Market news pointed out that in order to increase the success rate of tendering, the owner will allow the above properties to be priced according to the housing estate or project category. This means that buyers do not need to “sweep” to clean up 31 project properties, but the 14 largest Beverly Hills are among them. Villa villas are still not “buy." This time, the silver bullion has provided guidance prices for some of its properties, including the average price of the Beverly Hills villas as of February of approximately RMB 1.05 million, a total area of ​​24 units of 14 units, and a market value of more than RMB 254 million. The tender was closed on the 3rd of the month.