Jordon’s Kim Fung Building passes 2.45 billion change hands

The whole property has a market price. Since last year, the Jinfeng Building has been acquired by buyers and the city has passed 2.45 billion yuan to complete the transaction.

The Jinfeng Building, Nos. 241 to 243 Nathan Road, owned by the District Tree Hong Family, had a total floor area of approximately 61,000 square feet. It was sold for 2.8 billion yuan six months ago. It was contacted by buyers from time to time and it eventually changed hands with 2.45 billion yuan. , the price of about 40,300 yuan.

The property is 16 storeys high. The ground floor and basement are bunks. The office building is upstairs. The district Shuhong family purchased it for 3.6 million yuan in 1960 and it is expected to make a substantial profit of more than 2.446 billion yuan, an appreciation of about 680 times.

In addition, the 4th to 9th rooms on the 22nd floor of Wuzhong Building in Wanchai were sold for 379 million yuan, with a building area of approximately 17,000 square feet and a price of 22,000 yuan. The original owner bought 97 million yuan in 2009, and the stock held for 9 years had a profit of 282 million yuan, an increase of 2.9 times.

The No. 38 commercial building at Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, launched the first floor price list, a total of 53 units, with a building area of 1,131 to 5,866 square feet, priced at 16,728,800 to 85,468,000 yuan, and selling at a price of 12,600 to 14,600 yuan.