Hike in interest rate increase

After the US interest rate hike, some homeowners looked down on the market price cuts, and the Tung Chung Yingwan Park collected tenants at an immediate price reduction of 300,000 yuan and sold 9.5 million yuan to sell 3 homes. The price was rarely lower than 10,000 yuan; Demand is still strong, with an open market price of 19,000 yuan.

Collect tenants look down on the market every time they call 9927

Although the Hong Kong interest rate has not been adjusted upwards following the United States, there is a tendency for the renters to look down on the market and increase their room for bargaining to speed up shipments. Fang Jihe, Midland’s assistant property manager, pointed out that there were owners in the Tung Chung District who were willing to cut prices and put a price on the property. Among them, five high-level H rooms in Yingwan Park, with an area of ​​957 sq. ft., belonged to the 3rd-family and even-suited room, and even the lease price was 9.8 million. Yuan, which was put on the market for about 1 month, was reduced by RMB 300,000 for the owner yesterday, and was put off by 9.5 million yuan, a decrease of 3%. The price per sq. ft. is 9,927 yuan, and the price is rarely below 10,000 yuan. Some banks have valued the above units at 10.47 million yuan, reflecting a slightly lower asking price than the market price.

Secondly, the high-rise building in Block C of Garden Tower, North Point, is a two-room unit. The asking price was also reduced from 7.88 million yuan to 7.65 million yuan, a reduction of 230,000 yuan, or about 3%.

But on the other hand, even under the shadow of interest rate hikes, the price of flat-price flats is still repeatedly broken. The price of open units in Dashan Laoshan exceeded 1.9 million yuan. According to sources, Room A in the lower floor of Block 7 in Sheshan, with a usable area of ​​181 square feet, was sold out at a rate of 3.468 million yuan before the Federal Reserve announced an interest rate hike, with an average price of 19,160 yuan, setting a new high for the owner of the taxi in Tai Po District. The old record for the month was 18,776 yuan, which was 2% higher. In 2014, the original owner purchased two gangs together with the developer’s “1+ pro" plan, with RMB 9.04 million in conjunction with floor B room.

Two cities in one city approached 6 million yuan

In addition, two housing prices in the first city of Shatian approached 6 million yuan. Refers to 21 high-level office H rooms, with a total area of ​​327 square feet, and a total of 5.8 million yuan to create a new two-bedroom housing estate, a record high of 5.75 million yuan, slightly higher 50,000 yuan. As for Tseung Kwan O, the first floor apartment house in Tseung Kwan O has reached a new high in residential property prices. The unit is a mid-level D room in Block 3A of Block IIIA, with a saleable area of ​​362 square feet and a transaction price of 7.15 million yuan, with a price of 19,751 yuan.

The economist Guan Yuzhao expected that the U.S. rate hike will have limited temporary impact on the property market in Hong Kong. Large banks have already indicated that they have sufficient funds and interest margins are not too large. Therefore, they have not raised interest rates as they have not moved, and unless the interest rate rises sharply, the property market will continue to heat up. .

As for the CVI, which reflects the valuation of the bank’s valuations in the Central Plains Valuation Index (major banks), the latest report was 81.12 points, up 2.47 points on a weekly basis and a total of 3.91 points on a two-week rise. The bank pointed out that the rate hike is within market expectations and it is estimated that the bank’s outlook for the property market remains positive.