Short-term sale of Bai Wei Mountain in North Point was completed at the end of September this year.

Xinpan Luxury Property continued to strengthen its capacity. Kerry Construction (683) Ho Man Tin Estate had shot 11 units with a total value of 174 million yuan yesterday. The developers have accelerated the pace of selling luxury properties. New World Development (017) Bok Yu Shan, Jiyuan Street, North Point, North Point, uploaded a sales brochure to the project website yesterday. It is ready for sale in the near future and is expected to be referenced by the same district of the same area as Bailu Mountain and Xindi (016). Reporter: Chen Baoen

The new world Baihuishan, which took more than 10 years of mergers and acquisitions, is adjacent to the Pak Fuk Gardens and the Tanneran Garden. It has 3 residential towers, 30 to 31 floors, a total of 611 units, and a total area of ​​519 to 3,221 square feet. The number of standard households is 602, and the practical area ranges from 519 to 1,537 square feet. There is a room-to-four-room interval. Half of them are three-bedroom units. In addition, there are 9 complex households with special characteristics, and the available area ranges from 1,625 to 3,221 square feet. Since the project is expected to be completed on September 30 this year, it is expected that the short-lived period will be a short selling point.

The smallest unit of 519 square feet

The book shows that the 1st and 3rd buildings below the 25th floor were constructed with a layer of 9 gangs, and those above the 25th floor were 7 gangs with a total of 5 lifts. The 2 seats are designed with a layer of 8 gangs and 6 gangs. The thinnest unit of the dish is from 519 square feet, one room apart, and it is located in three rooms on the 6th to 25th floors. As for the largest unit of the whole building, there is a 33-room and a 35-floor duplex room with a total area of ​​3,221 sq ft. A 540-square-foot platform is attached with a private pool.

In addition, the same department Tsim Sha Tsui cast a record of breaking the top yesterday, the first-hand record of the transaction shows that the 66th floor of the project F room penthouse, 2,108 square feet of practical area, mining three-bedroom three-room interval, with more than 126 million yuan changed hands, the price of 6 Ten thousand yuan, creating a new record for the project price. According to the statistics, the project completed the transaction in November last year. At the same time, the same floor E room was sold for 128 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​2,508 square feet and a price of 51,037 yuan.