Hung Ho Cheung Estate Centre

The Hung Hom Cheung Estate Centre is a new supply of A-Haxia in the district. It is open to the sea view of the Victoria Harbour, and it is spacious and practical with a full-floor floor that is suitable for corporate headquarters.

New Hajia Enjoy Seaview Floor Over 3m

Cheung Hom Centre is a brand-new Grade A commercial project in Hung Hom District. It is located at Hung Hom Road on the waterfront. With a height of 17 floors, it is adjacent to the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong. Thanks to its location in the front row, it enjoys unobstructed views of the harbour. The height of the property building is very high. The underground entrance lobby is only about 10 meters high. It is full of style. The entrance hall is provided with a gate entry gate. Visitors are required to register to enter and then use specific gate cards to take the lifts. The building has a total of 6 passenger lifts to divide the high and low zones. There are 3 lifts in each zone to help disperse the flow of people.

In terms of building specifications, the unit floor height is about 3.15 meters. It is equipped with metal ceilings, raised floor systems, and executive toilets with hot showers. There is also a pantry on each floor. The four-story flat on each floor, with less column floor design, is full of sense of space. With an area of ​​about 18,000 square feet per floor, it is suitable for tenants to use for large headquarters.

The owner Cheung Hoe Group also divided the 10th and 11th floors into small units of approximately 4,000 square feet to cater for different needs.

Set 155 parking spaces

In addition, the building offers 155 covered parking spaces and all-weather drop-off areas. The Cheung Wo Centre is surrounded by recreational spaces, Harbour Grand Kowloon, Metro Harbour Plaza Hotel and Huangpu Xintiandi, dining and banking facilities.

Walking distance to Whampoa or Hung Hom MTR station is only about ten minutes. The bus station and Hung Hom ferry terminal are not far away. They are in an advantageous location and are easily accessible to all districts.

It is understood that about half of the units have been leased out of the building and the price is about 47 to 55 yuan. The latest rental transaction was room 03, middle floor, with an area of ​​6,697 square feet. It was rented at a monthly rent of RMB 400,000, and the rent was RMB 60. Referring to the rental of the similar unit, the neighboring China Life Insurance Center, a mid-level unit in December last year, was about 6,500 square feet, and was rented for about 260,000 yuan per month, and the lease was about 40 yuan.

There was also a lot of transactions in the area recently. Among them, the investor, Lin Zifeng, purchased a commercial floor at the 3rd floor of Hung Hom Mingxuan at the beginning of last year for 886 million yuan, and this month it changed hands with the company’s shareholding of about RMB 1.2 billion. The property involved was Hai Ming Xuan. On the 3rd, 5th and 6th floors, the area ranges from 17,807 to 30,151 sq. ft., with a total floor area of ​​approximately 77,021 sq. ft., enjoying a full sea view, with a price of approximately RMB 15,000.