Tsimshatsui H8 full-store sale of 43 million

The Ginza-style commercial building in the core area has a strong leasehold capacity. The H8 full-floor Hau Fook Street in Tsim Sha Tsui is currently available at a price of RMB 43 million.

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Zhu Zifeng, director of the office division of Central Plains (Commercial and Commercial Stores), stated that the entire 18th floor of the H8 Ginza-style commercial building in Tsim Sha Tsui has an area of approximately 2,188 square feet and an expected price of approximately 43 million yuan, with an average price of approximately RMB 19,653.

The property was sold as a lease, and now operates a western restaurant. The monthly rent is about RMB 120,000 and the lease rate is about RMB 55. The lease period will be August this year and the return will be about 3.3%. The occupancy of the property in 2012 has attracted catering tenants to settle in, making the H8 a central area for catering. The transaction of the last building of the building needs to be traced back to 2016. It is the entire floor of the 15th floor of the building, with an area of approximately 2,188 square feet, and was sold for approximately RMB 30.8 million.