Connaught Road West 118 mid-range intention price of 14.8 million

The Western District Commercial Building puts on sale. Chen Rongrong, Senior Sales Director of the Office Department of Connaught Road West Central Plains (Commercial Shop) stated that Room 10, Middle Level, 118 Connaught Road West (see photo), Western District, has an area of about 860 sq ft with an intention price of about 1480 Ten thousand yuan, the average price of about 17,200 yuan. The property has a partial sea view. It is a high-quality sea-view office unit in the Western District. It even has a lease for sale. The lease will expire at the end of this year and the expected return will be about 3.4%. Chen continued that the recent office building trend is strong. Hong Kong Island office buildings have always been sought after by users, especially the sea-view units are more sought-after, the data shows that the building’s recent sales transactions in the high-rise room 02, an area of about 1,296 square feet, with a price of about 17,800 yuan Lantern out.