Jiahu parking lot cost within three months

The parking space at Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai was broken for three times during the month. Each time the record was increased by 10,000 yuan, the latest record rose to 1.47 million yuan. It is now the most expensive parking space record of the estate. In the same period last year, the transaction price was about 1 million yuan, and the parking space price rose 47% a year.

1.47 million changed hands

Make more than twice as much

Centaline Property Wu Yaozu stated that the newly registered parking lot at Kingswood Villas was sold for a double parking space at Li Hu, which was sold for 1.47 million yuan. The original owner bought the parking space for $475,000 in May 2013. The goods earned 995 thousand yuan or 2.1 times in five years. With market rents ranging from $2,500 to $3,000, the expected maximum return is about 2.4%. In April last year, parking spaces were sold at a price of about 1 million yuan, and the current high price is up 47% a year.

According to statistics, parking spaces were broken for three times during the month. Firstly, a parking space at Cuihu was sold at the price of RMB 1.45 million at the beginning of this month, followed by parking at the Lihu Plaza for RMB 1.46 million. Each time, only RMB 10,000 was used to set a record. Currently, about 50 parking spaces are put up for sale. The flat price is 1.4 million yuan. It is located at the number one parking space in Jinghuju. The most expensive is 1.7 million yuan, which is a double parking space at Lihu Ju.

In addition, a parking space in Shengbaishan, Zhuhai Bay was sold for 1.53 million yuan.

In addition, for the earlier report that Bank of East Asia (023) held the 18th and 25th floors of the East Bank of Wanchai Harbour Centre in Wanchai, 7,940 parties on each floor seized the bid of 394 million yuan from buyers. A spokesman for the Bank of East Asia clarified that the relevant information was not accurate and that the bank had not reached any agreement to sell the two-storey property. At present, there is no intention to sell the two-storey property.