Advantages of Changsha Bay City

Cheung Sha Wan enjoys a geographical advantage in the urban area, and the industrial and commercial properties in the district have become more prosperous in the past year. In the future, more new commercial buildings and hotels will be completed, and the industrial and commercial properties will have an ideal prospect.

China Shipbuilding Building, the price of 19,000 new high

The industrial and commercial properties in Cheung Sha Wan District were slightly behind the market in the early years. The price of industrial buildings and commercial buildings rose by less than that of East Kowloon. In the past year, the industrial and commercial properties in Cheung Sha Wan District have become more prosperous. Including the First Group’s commercial building, No. 650, Cheung Sha Wan Road, China Shipbuilding Building, which was demolished last year, with a price tag of 10,700, and then sold well. Among them, Room B1 on the 25th floor covers an area of ​​2,686 square feet to 51.034 million. The yuan was sold at a price of $19,000, which not only created a new high in property prices, but also a new indicator for the West Kowloon Commercial Building.

In the same district, this year’s record was sold. Xingsheng founded (00896) in 2015, purchased the entire building of Changsha Bay Baijia Commercial Center for 998 million yuan, with a price of 6,880 yuan. The property was refurbished and renamed Peak Castle, with 800 million yuan at the beginning of the year. The company has a 50% ownership right, and the price is about 11,000 yuan. The buyer is a foreign fund PAG. The owner has recently commenced the sale and unloading. The property has a 23-storey building with a floor area of ​​about 7,490 square feet. It was refurbished by Xingsheng for over RMB 100 million. It will be sold as 84 office units for sale. 1,789 to 1,956 square feet, the intention price is 12,700 to 14,800 yuan, and the price is more than 22.72 million to 28.36 million yuan. If sold in full, it is expected to cash out about 2.2 billion yuan.

As for the construction and dismantling of industrial buildings, in recent years, Lefeng Group, which actively promotes the industrial studio, launched LOFTER HUB, located in Jiatu Industrial Building, No. 2, Changyu Street, Changsha Bay, offering 23 studios, priced from more than 900,000 yuan. It is reported that it is almost sold out.

Convenient transportation, new projects are in succession

In terms of new development projects, the Government launched three commercial sites in Cheung Sha Wan last year, all of which were acquired by New World (00017) for a total of $14.8 billion, involving as many as 1.008 million square feet of commercial floors, including Qionglin Street Commercial. It has the largest scale, covers an area of ​​about 83,000 square feet, and can build a floor area of ​​about 998,000 square feet. It is the largest commercial area in the region for more than 10 years. It was won by the New World for 7.79 billion yuan, and the floor price per square foot. 7,808 yuan, the developer plans to build two Grade A office buildings. In addition, there are also industrial parks in the district, as well as redevelopment and redevelopment into hotels. They are concentrated in Cheung Sha Wan Road and Lai Chi Kok Road. Four projects have been approved for rezoning. It is expected to provide up to 1,302 hotel rooms. About 650,000 square feet of floor space. In addition, the Roche Group revitalized its two industrial buildings into D2 Place and D2 Place Two in the early years.

The analysis shows that Cheung Sha Wan is a traditional industrial area. The biggest advantage is that it is located in the urban area. It is also convenient to travel to and from the airport and Hong Kong Island. In the early years, the overall price of industrial and commercial properties was upward, but the increase was concentrated in East Kowloon. The price of the property in Cheung Sha Wan was relatively backward. With the upward price of property in various districts, the price of industrial and commercial properties in Cheung Sha Wan has also started. For example, the commercial building price index is also an ideal indicator. The industrial and commercial demolition projects are also ideal. With the completion of new projects in the district, the prospects for industrial and commercial properties are bright.