Small residential space, self-service laundry

In recent years, the per capita living space in Hong Kong has become narrower and narrower. With limited living space, the addition of washing machines has become relatively extravagant, leading to a rapid increase in laundromat.

197 呎 floor shop in To Kwa Wan Monthly rent 15,000

Recently, the market has recorded tenancy cases for self-service launderettes. Lin Weiwen, the director of Midland Wangpu, said that due to changes in living habits, the demand for related stores has increased significantly. In recent years, the newly-opened To Kwa Wan District has recorded a self-service laundering case, H Shop, G/F, 38 Muchang Street, with an area of ​​about 197 square feet. The previous laundry rented a monthly rent of 15,000 yuan, with an average rent of about 76 yuan. Older lease rents rose by about 17%.

In the New Territories, the 14th floor of G/F, 28 Kam Fai Path, Yuen Long, also recorded a tenancy case with an area of ​​about 200 square feet. It was leased by a self-service laundry shop. The monthly rent was $32,000 and the average rent was about $160. Older lease rents fell by about 8.6%.

Lin Weiwen pointed out that in recent years, first-hand developers have launched a large number of nano-storey buildings with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters to more than 200 square feet. However, traditional Chinese people’s livelihood areas, including Tai Kok Tsui and San Po Kong, are increasingly available. Many people cannot. The placement of the washing machine at home has prompted an increase in demand for laundromats in the market. He also pointed out that there are self-service launderries in the market to cooperate with coffee shops to sell coffee in the store, so that customers can wait for the laundry while taking a break.