After the vacancy tax is announced, Grand YOHO 2 is cumbersome and 23 people

After the government announced the launch of the first-hand vacancy tax at the end of last month, the developers actively promoted the sale of existing buildings. The new land (0016) Yuen Long Grand YOHO Phase 2 was re-launched at the end of last month, and has accumulated since the beginning of this month. Out of 23 gangs, three of them were selected in the form of tenders yesterday, and the cash is nearly 40 million yuan.

Yesterday, 3 people actually broke 20,000

The new Grand YOHO Phase 2 started a new round of sales at the end of last month. At that time, the units available for sale involved about 350 gangs, and the first five units were tendered. According to the transaction record, Grand YOHO 2 sold 3 gangs a day, all of which are located in 5 E rooms and 898 square meters. The transaction price is from 18.7465 million to 188.01 million yuan, from 20,896 yuan to 20,938 yuan. yuan.

Xinghai Sea has accumulated 20 gangs in the past 10 days

In addition, Xinghai, which is located in Maanshan and the existing building of Changshi (1113), will be on sale on Friday (20th) on a first-come, first-served basis. Yang Guiling, Senior Sales Manager of Changshi, said that the project had accumulated 357 gangs as of the 15th, accounting for about 95% of the units available for sale. The cash is about 6.4 billion yuan. There are still 19 units available for sale. The latest addition is 4 gangs. For the 4 bedroom units on the 9th floor of Block 2A, the four units are priced at RMB 123 million, with a real price of 17.742 million to 304.61 million yuan, and the discounted price is from 15,374 yuan to 18,350 yuan.

Yang continued that since the project opened the demonstration unit on the 7th of this month, 20 units of 4 units have been sold in about 10 days, and the cash is about 490 million yuan. Earlier, it indicated that the 3C units to be sold in the existing building have the opportunity. Launched in August.

Silver King Peak uploads the floor book 2438

In addition, Yin Jingfeng, the current building project of No. 2 Anning Trail, Sai Kung, has uploaded a building book yesterday. There are only 3 bungalows on the plate. The saleable area is 2438 square meters. The largest one is a house, the saleable area. 2981 Fang Yi, with 6547 Fangyi Garden, 1225 Fangyi Tiantai and 440 square platform with swimming pool.