The URA’s Tongzhou Street has a high bid price of 90%. The first public price is priced at 5570 yuan.

The developer announced in March this year that the official website launched this year will announce all bid prices outside the winning bidder to increase transparency. The URA has also adopted the same arrangement. Last month, it was announced by Hong Kong Ferry (0050) to 10.292. The Sham Shui Po Tong Chow Street/Gui Lin Market Construction Project, which was awarded 100 million yuan, became the first project to announce the listing price of the consortium. In addition to the successful bidder, the other 19 bids ranged from 545 million to 9.5588 billion yuan, 7.1% to 47% lower than the winning bid price (see table), and the winning bid price was higher than the lowest price of nearly 90%. Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin

The above URA project was awarded by the Hong Kong Ferry for $1,022.9 million. The land price per square floor was about $10,518. The URA announced the listing price of the consortium for the first time yesterday. The remaining 19 tenders of the project, with the exception of the Hong Kong Ferry, The developer’s bid ranged from 545 million to 9.5558 billion yuan, with a total of 97,845 square meters of residential building floor space. The floor price of each floor was 5570 to 9769 yuan. The second highest bid was only about 7.1 from the Hong Kong Ferry. %, the lowest developer bid was 47% lower than the winning bid.

The above land price still does not include the dividends provided by the developer to the URA in future sales. It is reported that the winning bidder will need to pay dividends after the sales of the building will reach 1.8 billion yuan. The proportion of the first 50 million yuan after the target is 20%, and then increase by 50%. The other project also involves 4.65 Wanfang Commercial Building. It will be used as a base for the development of Sham Shui Po design and fashion and will be returned to the URA.

The second highest price is lower than the Hong Kong small round price of 7%

In fact, in the past, the URA’s redevelopment projects will not announce the bid price, and will not announce the bids of the remaining tenders. This time, the above project is the first URA project to implement the new arrangement, and the unsuccessfully announced unsuccessful tenders will be announced. Enter the price. The developers of this redevelopment project are all wholly-owned, including Changshi (1113), Xindi (0016), Xinzhi (0083), Wheelock (0020), Jiahua (0173), Huaying, Nanfeng, Yuanzhan (0035), Lizhan (0488), Emperor International (0163), Tegent Real Estate (0199), Chevalier International (0025), Hongan Real Estate (1243), Vanke Overseas (1036), Regal Hotels (0078) ), Minmetals Real Estate, Roche Real Estate, Jianye Real Estate, etc.

Fanling Safe Street Industrial Land is closed this Friday

Looking up the information, the Development Director, Huang Weilun, announced that the land sales plan was launched in early March this year. The official land launched since April will announce all the remaining bid prices in an anonymous manner about 4 weeks after the bid opening to increase transparency. In fact, the official land launched by the Government in the last quarter has not yet been closed. The URA has “climbed up" earlier than the Lands Department. The official place to take the relevant arrangements as soon as possible will be the industrial zone of Fanling Safe Street, which will be closed this Friday.

Surveyor: Helping developers reduce excessive “high chasing"

Lin Haowen, Senior Director and Director of Valuation and Consulting, said that the URA’s announcement of the winning bid data would increase market transparency and reduce public suspicion and enhance the image of the URA. For developers, the relevant data can be consulted in the future. Help bids in the future. At today’s high property prices, increasing transparency will help developers count and reduce excessively high catches.