Industry and Commerce shop bearish 10% in the second half of the year

The Sino-US trade war has dragged down the investment property market. Midland Industrial and Commercial Services (00459) expects that the number of transactions and the transaction volume of industrial buildings, commercial buildings and shops in Hong Kong will fall back to 4,950 and $130 billion in the second half of the year, which is nearly 10% and about 5% lower than the first half of the year.

The trading of industrial buildings, commercial buildings and shopfronts in Hong Kong is likely to be affected by the Sino-US trade war. (data picture)

Huang Hancheng, chief executive of the group, said that the trade war will plague the market in the second half of the year, and Hong Kong as an international trade center will inevitably be affected. The Fed expects to accelerate the pace of interest rate hikes, coupled with fluctuations in the stock market, all of which constitute the market. unknown reason.

Chinese investment to activate office buildings

He continued to point out that in the first half of the year, the overall industrial and commercial shop market (together with the transfer of over 100 million companies) recorded a total of 5,406 transactions, involving about $135.78 billion, up 21% and 71.8% year-on-year, reflecting active trading. Among them, Chinese-funded participation accounted for about 40 billion yuan, reaching about 30% of the transaction amount. During this period, the consortium not only purchased the whole Class A commercial building, but also began to pay attention to the activation of office buildings and even industrial buildings.

This year, the industrial and commercial market is still cautiously optimistic. Huang expects that about 10,000 transactions will be recorded in the whole year, a record high of nearly five years, an increase of 8 to 10% over the same period of last year, and the transaction volume is expected to reach 260 billion yuan. A slight drop of about 5%.

Hung Hom Industrial Building project is closed for sale

On the other hand, the industrial and commercial market has already seen cases of dismantling and selling projects. Hu Deqiang, an investor in the gem business, said that due to the drag of the trade war, it is estimated that the overall economic prospects of Hong Kong will become increasingly uncertain and have a negative impact. He revealed that the original full-scale industrial and commercial unit of the Hung Hom Kaixuan Industrial and Commercial Center, which was originally intended to dismantle 50 units, has temporarily suspended the sale plan.

As for the 83 units on the 2nd floor of the Hung Hom Fu Ko Industrial Centre, which was announced for sale at the beginning of this year, he pointed out that about half of it had been sold and the average transaction price was about $10,000.