Market Insight: The market rebounds weakly, adjust it at any time

Hong Kong stocks, like A shares recently, are mainly plagued by trade war news. The Hang Seng Index continued to repeat yesterday. Although it finally closed at 14 points, the H-Share Index still fell 42 points. The main board transaction further shrank to 70 billion yuan. It began to smell the rebound of the Hong Kong stock market.

In a quiet market, ZTE has become the focus of speculation.

To tell the truth, recently stocks such as Tencent (00700), China Construction Bank (00939), HKEx (00388), HSBC Holdings (00005) and AIA (01299) have not played the game, but the power is obvious. Reluctantly, coupled with the uncertainty of the periphery, the US stocks are relatively strong, and then consider that the US dollar is strong in the mid-line, and the eye-catching money would rather go to bet on US stocks, and they all want to flow into the relatively weak Chinese stock market.

Support policy only hears the stairs

Speaking of heavyweights, Tencent’s trend this year is really disappointing. After the stock rebounded at 431.6 yuan in early June, it was unsustainable. Although it has supported the support of 375 yuan in the near future, due to the weakening of the Hong Kong stock market, the stock market is weak. run. In contrast, the US technology stocks on the other side of the market, even if they have softened back a round earlier, they quickly regained their momentum, and the Nasdaq’s sense of last week has reached a record high.

To tell the truth, this time the “invasion" government has made it clear that China will develop high-tech industries. The “Made in China 2025″ plan is even more seen as a thorn in the eye. The market has already spurred the Central Committee to promote the development of related industries. However, until now, no substantive policies have been introduced. In addition, the development of high-tech industries requires a lot of manpower, material resources and time. It is not a moment to achieve results. Therefore, I saw a wafer chip such as Advanced Semiconductor (03355) and SMIC (00981), which have been in the past for a long time.

As for the suffocation, the market focus must be between ZTE (00763) and Xiaomi (01810). The US Department of Commerce announced the official lifting of the export ban on ZTE, which means that normal business can be resumed. At the same time, the group issued a profit warning last week. It is expected that the first half of the year will erode 7 billion to 9 billion yuan of people, and will be speculated by the market as bad news.

Do you want to talk about whether there are any variables in the future? At this time, the funds are reasonably unreasonable and speculation! In the trend, ZTE’s share price closed at 16 yuan yesterday. If it is in the short-term, it will break through the high of 16.5 yuan on the 13th of the June 13th. It is worth buying a small bet. The first stop is 20 yuan. If the stock price falls by 10%, it will stop.

As for Xiaomi, who bought and lived in Beibei Water, it was only after the low opening yesterday. It only fell 1.8%. The selling pressure was thinner than expected. However, considering that the stock price rose less last week, the current purchase of “Gui Mi" may not be meat.