The capital square paved millions of remake

The shop has been renewed. Tsim Sha Tsui Capital Plaza, which last year has launched an auction of silver main shop, will be launched at the end of this month remake, asking price from 2.5 million yuan, down to 1.5 million yuan, a substantial split price of million yuan, but also more than four years ago purchase price Nearly 80%.

Tsim Sha Tsui Capital Plaza for more shops in recent years, the sale of shops shop.

The above shop for the capital square on the 2nd floor of a double shop with the storage part, is the main property, will be at the end of this month through the ring auction. According to statistics, the bunkery area of ​​about 46 square feet, while the storage part of the area of ​​about 52 square feet, asking price 1.5 million yuan.

There have been piles corrosion 92% change hands

It is reported that the property in May last year by the silver main push, then offer 2.5 million yuan, but separated by one year, the price down 1 million yuan. Looking for information, the original owner in February 2003 to 698.4 million yuan to purchase the site, in this way, the latest offer than the purchase price of about 79% lower.

Shopping malls and shops

In fact, the past few years the shopping malls repeated revelation, of which the first floor of a double number of shops, the practical area of ​​about 80 square feet, in May this year to 700,000 yuan to sell, compared with a three-year purchase price of 8.272 million yuan 92%, for the store’s most profitable shop turnover case. And the third floor of a shopping mall on the third floor of the shop in March this year to 500,000 yuan sold, compared with three years the purchase price of 3.35 million yuan, also about 85% lower.