Scales can actually become a reason to speed up buying

Every day there will be some information on the property market information with whatsapp or other means of collective communication, those short messages have a feature that no matter what happens, will be interpreted as supporting the reasons for the rise in the property market, low interest rates, even if the rate hike Will also be considered a good result of the economy, the property market and therefore rise. Inadequate supply will certainly result in higher property prices. Even if the Government provides sufficient supply, it will only cause young people to buy their own homes. As a result, the property market is still rising.

I can not argue that the reasons for those short messages are really professional, but those short messages never mention the impact of the US Federal Reserve on the property market. Until two days ago, there was a text message saying that the public knew that the United States would be schedules and entered the market, because it would be more difficult to borrow money after the table. In fact, now, unless it is difficult to borrow money from high-interest finance companies, borrowing money is very common. In fact, most people know that the table has a much greater impact on the property market than the rate hike. If you worry about raising interest rates, the price will fall. , Because the table will increase the interest rate, if the Federal Reserve rate hike and table at the same time, have the opportunity to make Hong Kong to raise interest rates, if the people who buy now lightly, when the chain interest rate hike will be overwhelmed.

Do not worry too much to raise interest rates

In the past, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, Hong Kong did not follow, the main reason is that too many hot money exists in Hong Kong, but we all know that this situation has come to an end, the next Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, Hong Kong has a great opportunity to follow, The Hong Kong will not only have to raise interest rates with the United States, or even to increase the size of the flow of hot money to reduce, this is what we should be careful, not in the table before the question Banks do not have to worry about raising interest rates, in fact, should be the opposite.

Variable variable asset prices

Yesterday I received a similar message, this time the United States rate hike table soon, next year, there is a great opportunity to fall property prices, people intend to buy a house to measure the ability of individuals. This is the more normal argument, and now even those who have been singing the property market have changed the attitude of the text, are planning to get on the people are waiting for Lin Zhenge read the policy report, the government on the home plan on how to plan, Even if there is no policy address, should not be in the United States before the rate hike table because of the purchase of a debt, if Hong Kong because the United States and the table to add interest, will seriously combat the property market, people intend to buy the property should understand the price Will change, but the debt will not change.