Tian Jin two rooms break through the 9 million Gui District with second-hand

New Territories (0016) Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai offer, the same district second-hand private house that record record transactions; Li Jiage co-director Liang Jingyan said, Tian Jin 6 high-rise C room, a practical area of ​​539 square feet two homes, 9.23 million yuan turnover, real 17,124 yuan, the price of the same day in addition to the same two-room high, I believe that Tseung Kwan O second-hand units for the first time exceeded 9 million yuan.

Liang continued that the original owners of the days of Jin unit, as early as November 2011 to 504.2 million yuan single-handedly purchase units, holding nearly six years, the book profit of 4.188 million yuan or 83%. In fact, the same Department of Tian Jin 2 even with two units of the platform, about a week ago to 8.9 million yuan turnover, once for the days of Jin series of two new high prices, the unit for the practical area of ​​523 square feet of 177 square feet platform 1A Block 6, Room A, real 17,017 yuan.

Obviously more than 14,000 yuan in real estate Jin Jin

Tseung Kwan O Sheung Wan Sheung Yau Court Ming Court Low Level 01, with a usable area of ​​216 sq ft open (286 sq ft), was purchased at $ 3.08 million in the free market at $ 14,259 ($ 10,769) More than about 10% of the average discount of 207 people in Jinhai; the data show that the original owner in December 2003 to purchase units, was 34 million (not compensated land) transactions, I believe that profit Okay

Second – hand market has also recorded the amount of tax stamps SSD loose goods hand case. Li Yicai Assistant Division Manager Huang Yongquan said Yuetan Butterfly Cuifeng 11 middle layer H room, the practical area of ​​518 square feet (building 684 square feet), is a two-room interval, outside the city center, the original owner of the price of about 505 million, 9 million or about 1.8%, and finally to 4.96 million yuan to get the first recipient to receive, real feet 9575 yuan (build 7251 yuan). Huang continued, the original owners in March 2014 to 3.5 million purchase, holding 3 years, resale book profit 1.46 million yuan or about 42%.

Another market news, Tai Po Arashan 6 middle A room, is a practical area of ​​195 square feet open households to 3.2 million yuan sold, real $ 16,410 yuan; the original owners in 2014 to about 2.05 million yuan to buy units, holding Cargo 3 years, the amount of India loose after the hand, the book profit of 1.15 million yuan or 56%.

1 bedroom rent 72 yuan house high

New World (0017) recently began to occupy the new section of the Western District, the market news that in recent months has accumulated more than 20 recorded rental transactions, of which 29 floor area of ​​346 square feet D room 1 room, the latest month Rented $ 25,000 to rent, more than 72 yuan (more than $ 61 to $ 69) before the event, for the temporary high level of the project; to the owner in August last year, the purchase price of 8,484,000 dollars, excluding management fees and other expenses Before the rent rate of about 3.5%.