Jinhai first day received 1300 tickets over 5 times the dragon from the city of Chongji to Kwun Tong Road at any time plus push

(0016) recently to real estate with an average of 12,700 yuan to commemorate the 208 Jin Jin, yesterday officially open to the public demonstration units and accept the entry into the United States and the United States, Ticket, the landlift once by the Kwun Tong Chuangji City 5 sales offices, along the flyover line to Kwun Tong Road, which played as “Suji” corner of the famous artist Gu Minghua also to the site of the floor. According to market sources, the project yesterday to close at about 1,300 tickets, more than 5 times. Ming Pao reporter Lin Shangmin

The sale of Jinhai, low-level practical area of ​​340 square feet 1 room units, discounted admission fee of 429 million yuan, due to Tseung Kwan O nearly a year and a half since the most cheap admission, the market reacted enthusiastically. On the scene to see, yesterday afternoon, shopping malls inside and outside the dragon everywhere, it is estimated that more than 1,000 people waiting. General market news that the developers yesterday afternoon began to vote, it is estimated that most of the day about 1,300 votes, more than the first price of 208 overbook subscription 5 times.

The industry is expected to have the opportunity to become a new ticket king

Data show that the first day of this year, the largest number of new tickets for the Cheung Kong (1113) Tsuen Wan West Sea Love. Love Hyunmei, a single day to close at 2300 votes (mainly for the sea of ​​love to the offender), and Huamao with the whole area. City Day, the first day also received about 2,000 votes; As for the first round of the first few days before the opening of the new disk, to receive more than 2.25 million tickets into the whole city, but also in 1997 after the new disk ticket king, the market estimates Jin Hai has the opportunity to break the above record.

In Jinhai many of the buildings, including in the TV drama can not wait for her mother to play “Suji” corner and out of the artist Gu Minghua; ancient that Jinhai price is reasonable, hoping to buy 3 rooms and family living together, laugh Words: “Wu Ming-point solution more people line up, and do not smoke Zuo do not make money to buy.”

Artist Gu Minghua: Wu Ming points solution chain more than people line up

Chen Xinlin, general manager of the new agency, said that for Jinhai’s “city price”, the market reacted positively and believed that the number of visitors in the future would rise, and the group would consider pushing the price increase, and the project would be arranged at the Kowloon Station Global Trade Square sales.

In addition, East Kowloon, another large new disk, will be Wheelock (0020) Kai Tak OASIS KAI TAK last round of sales of 88 rounds of sales, the developer said the project in the A group of large passenger picking period, sold two for the first time Launched low seat garden duplex households, which low seat AZURE (low seat D) underground A unit price of 30.968 million yuan, the unit practical area of ​​1136 square feet with 212 square feet of the garden, real size 27,261 yuan, a new high price of the project.

OASIS low seat specials sold at an average of 27,000 new projects as of 10 pm last night, together with A, B group time, the project put about 80, accounting for more than Jiucheng units; , The project less than a week tired of selling 210, accounting for more than 95% of the total number of units sold, as soon as possible to push the city.

Cheung Kong, China, China

In addition, Cheung Kong (1113) Executive Director Zhao Kwok-hsiung said that the Group’s total sales in Hong Kong this year has exceeded $ 40 billion. He added that the Group’s MY CENTRAL and Repulse Bay Road mall projects, Can be sold this year.