Heng Yu Yau Tong giant approved 4 million feet of residential

The redevelopment of the Yau Tong area has been initiated, and the multi-year heavyweight project has been approved by the Hengda (0012) and so on. Involving more than 4,088,000 square feet of floor; the project in July this year by the Buildings Department approved the first and second phase of the building plans, of which the first phase in the north of the site for the development of pure residential, allowed to build 12 20 to 32 Residential buildings, another 1 to 2 layers of the basement, residential floor area of ​​about 1.93 million square feet, rather than residential use area of ​​about 2312 square feet.

As for the development of Phase 2, it was approved to build 18 18-storey residential buildings on the south and west of the site with 1 to 2 floor depots and platforms with a residential area of ​​about 2.151 million square feet, rather than a residential project Floor area of ​​about 124,000 square feet, will be the construction of recreational and kindergartens and other facilities.

Still to be awarded the land premium

Henderson Executive Director Huang Haoming said that the Yau Tong Wan Comprehensive Development Scheme was divided into six phases. At present, the first two phases of the building plans have been awarded. There are still four outstanding projects. At this stage, the Government is waiting for the Government to grant land premium The

Henderson accounted for more than two percent stake

The overall development of the Yau Tong Bay Complex is a common development of 8 to 10 consortiums, of which more than 20% stake in Henderson is a major shareholder and has been implemented by the Town Planning Board in early 2015 through the planning and development. Data show that the entire project site more than 1.065 million square feet, the material provides a total of more than 6500 units, the average area of ​​about 655 square feet, mainly small and medium-sized units, is expected to accommodate a population of about 19,700 people, the fastest in 2020 Completed in phases.

6 total of 6500 main play small and medium-sized households

In addition, a number of single-block residential permits were approved in July. For example, the project was located at 9 to 16 A in Tai Hang Tsuen Street, Hong Kong. It was approved to build a 29-storey commercial and residential property with a total floor area of ​​about 5.3 million square Feet In addition, Kowloon Road, Kowloon, was approved to build a 19-storey property, involving a floor area of ​​85,700 square feet.