Legend of the sale of 17 shopping malls broker: If the cash or the deployment of new acquisitions

and then came a new round of tender for sale, this time involving 17 people’s livelihood shopping malls, covering Tuen Mun, Ma On Shan, Kowloon Bay and Wong Tai Sin and other areas, involving up to 14.5 billion yuan. If the implementation of the sale, will be listed in 12 years to show the largest sale. Had to buy the consignment of shopping malls buyers, it is learned also pay attention to a new round of auction news. The show said it did not respond to market rumors, the securities industry estimates, the show again big gloves, or for the deployment of a new round of pre-deployment.

Including heavily in recent years, refurbished shopping malls

According to the news that the exhibition will be auctioned to the project, including nearly 500 million yuan in recent years refurbished Tuen Mun H.A.N.D.S shopping malls, and in 2014 acquired Wong Tai Sin is now shopping malls. Leadership did not sell property news yesterday, but the stock fell against the market fell 1% to 63.85 yuan. “The report is published on 26 July 2017, and the manager intends to conduct a strategic assessment of the portfolio of the exhibitions. The review is still in progress and the assessment may or may not lead to or trigger any transaction. Any news will be made public. For market rumors, no comment.

Leadership: No comment

On the market news refers to the exhibition plan to sell 17 people’s livelihood shopping malls, the reporter had contact with the appointment of assets to assist the assessment of the portfolio of DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, was responded to inquiries, due to signed confidentiality agreement, failed to disclose details. The newspaper also to spend $ 4.3 billion to buy nine shopping malls and more than 3100 parking spaces, senior investors Lin Zifeng understand whether the bid, Lin replied that there is no information published. Another has been the purchase of two exhibition stores Deng Chengbo, Deng family through public relations reply that has noticed the relevant news, but no comments whether the entry into the standard.

In the three consecutive years, the sale of 28 public housing malls, with a total of $ 11.96 billion in sales, has fallen from year to year, from the highest of the 14/15 33% to 24% of the year 16/17. Another company since the beginning of the attack in 2011 and for the acquisition of China and Hong Kong office buildings, private shopping malls and other eight projects, the purchase of the latest valuation of about 31.803 billion yuan, accounting for about 18.3% of the total portfolio.

Peng Huaxin, head of research at Penghua Hill, believes that the majority will not be used for dividend payments in the past, and it is estimated that this big glove is now deployed for new acquisitions and reflects that the group does not want to rush to increase borrowing or leverage. Huiying Asset Management Managing Director Xie Mingguang expected, the exhibition will cash out, in the Bay area to find a new project investment. In response to the recent owners of the sale of property, he also worried that this may reflect the prospective market may be expected to take advantage of the market to sell the project.