Huang Jingyi, the child of the United States, has spent 50 million to purchase Le Tianfeng

Huang Jingyi, the child of the United States, has spent 50 million to purchase Le Tianfeng

In recent months, many celebrities have entered the market. The chairman of the United States Group (01200), Huang Jianye, and the vice chairman of the group, Huang Jingyi, bought a middle-class household in Lotte Peak, Happy Valley, last month for 50 million yuan. The price of the flat was lower than that of the previous year. Nearly 4%.

Lotte Peak, located at 12 Lok Wu Road, is less than 9 years old. According to the Land Registry, the middle floor of Room B, with a saleable area of ​​1280 square feet and 3 bedrooms, changed to 50 million yuan on the 22nd of last month. 39,063 yuan, the registered buyer is Huang Jingyi, entering the market to pay the property price of 4.25% a total of 2.125 million yuan printing fee, which means the first name to enter the market. Huang Jingyi replied to this newspaper through public relations and said that it was a private long-term investment and a wealthy building.

Long-term investment

A survey of Huang Jingyi’s entry into the lower floor of the unit is less than 5 floors of the A room 3 rooms, the practical area of ​​1281 square meters, last February, the cost of 52 million yuan, Huang Jingyi purchase price is 2 million yuan (about 3.8%). The agent said that although room A of Lotte Peak is “less seascape" than room B, room B should be “should be flat and the buyer will be in charge".

The original owner of Room B was put on sale for 55 million yuan in January this year. The final price was reduced by 5 million yuan (about 9.1%). The original owner purchased the price of 41.51 million yuan in 2011. The book earned 8.49 million yuan (about 20.5%). ).

Guandeyuan’s cost is new high

In addition, Ho Man Tin’s new home, Kwong Tak Court, has not been on sale. According to the Land Registry, there is Room 11, Low Floor, Ming Fai Court, Block A, Ching Fai Court, with a saleable area of ​​533 square feet. The principle is one room apart. On the 22nd of last month, the land premium was $7.85 million, and the price was 14728 yuan. The cost of the park is new.

The old record of the housing cost also belongs to the unit. It was purchased by the original owner in 2013 with a land premium of 5.430045 million yuan, and the book appreciation was about 2.42 million yuan.

Liu Haoqin, Director of Hong Kong Property Assistant Division, said that there is a room in the middle floor E of Block 1B, Phase IIIB, Tianjin IIIB, Tseung Kwan O. The saleable area is 361 square feet. The original owner sold the price of 7.2 million yuan in March, and the market conditions are heating up. After a few days, the price will increase to 728. Ten thousand yuan, and at the end of last month, zero bargaining out of the unit, the price of 20166 yuan, excluding the internal transfer, is the third day of the Tianjin IIIB since July last year, the price of the first 20,000 yuan mark. The original owner entered the market for 5.318 million yuan in 2014, earning 1.762 million yuan.