Central Military Terminal Research and Administration of the People’s Liberation Army

Central Military Terminal Research and Administration of the People’s Liberation Army

The Government has proposed amendments to the Central Military Pier, including the four-story building at the pier as a restricted area. The other on-street areas of the pier are classified as “protected places”. The Government plans to submit amendments in this legislative year. The terminal will be handed over to the PLA troops stationed in Hong Kong. Democrats have questioned that the transfer of 3% of the land supply to the People’s Liberation Army to the People’s Liberation Army is “cutting the ground” and criticizing the rectification of the land for the public.

The Security Council of the Legislative Council yesterday discussed the transfer of the Central Military Terminal to the PLA Liberation Force. The Secretary for Security, Li Jiachao, said that the Sino-British agreement in 1994 stated that due to the reclamation project, the Hong Kong Government had to rebuild military facilities for the garrison. The Central Military Terminal project has been completed for nearly six years. The government has the responsibility to complete the legislative work as soon as possible and put the terminal The land area is classified as a restricted area and a protected area, and a restricted area is established at sea. He said that the legislative proposal is to balance the need to protect military installations and facilitate the entry of citizens into the scope. It also means that military land is generally not open. The garrison is to open up the fence and open it to the public, taking into account the expectations of the public. .

Pan-civilian “cutting the ground”

However, the Parliamentary Front Mao Mengjing pointed out that the 3% land use of the Central Waterfront to the People’s Liberation Army is “cutting the ground”. It is a pirate of “one place and two inspections” at any time. It is said that the military terminal fulfills the “Garrison Law” of the Mainland. “I feel that there is a child or a paparazzi.” When I go in, I will be arrested immediately without thinking about it. Zhu Kaidi questioned that the military terminal was only set up for “arrangement” and did not see the PLA’s defense needs.

It is legal and sensible for the People’s Liaison Zhang Huafeng to support the handover of the terminal to the People’s Liberation Army. When the army deploys, it is not necessary to explain it to the people of Hong Kong. The DAB refers to the Central Business District, which is the core of Hong Kong. It has the need for defense and criticizes the democrats. Li Jiachao responded that Mao Mengjing’s statement is not in line with the facts, emphasizing that the terminal is a military land. The proposal is how to protect this place. According to the Garrison Law, the garrison land is managed by the garrison.

Li Jiachao also said that most people have not tried to fight, but from the history of the movie or World War II, military attacks can occur at any time, so it is necessary to hand over these important things to the professional garrison. As to whether the Hong Kong Police can enforce the law at the military terminal, Li Jiachao has no positive answer. He only said that he would be dealt with according to the laws of the SAR. The garrison has the right to ask the person to leave according to the actual situation or ask the police for assistance. The DAB Li Huiqiong later proposed a provisional motion calling for legislation as soon as possible to transfer the Central Military Terminal to the Hong Kong Garrison and was approved by the Commission. Zhu Kaidi’s provisional motion to transfer the terminal to the Hong Kong Government was rejected.