Silver Lake. Tianfeng 2 room mountain view 19,000 rent

Maanshan Silver Lake

Tianfeng rental 5 high-rise E room rental, the practical area of ​​about 572 square feet, taking 2 rooms separated, looking south to the mountains. The landlord rented the house for about 2 weeks, which was rented by the family. After the bargaining, the two parties rented it at 19,000, and the practical rent was about 33.2 yuan. The owner purchased the above properties for about 8.8 million in August this year. The current rental value is about 2.6%.

Jiahu Villa 2 low-rise rent for 20 yuan

Zhongqi Real Estate Branch Manager Hu Qiwen said that one rental transaction in Jiahu Mountain Villa in Tianshuiwei is located in Room E, 12 low-rise buildings in Jinghuju. The practical area is 446 square meters, and the two rooms are separated by 9,500 yuan. It has just been reduced to 8,800 yuan. Practical lease of 20 yuan, due to the renovation of the unit, the owner is willing to rent flat. It is reported that the new tenant is a young family. Seeing the unit’s rent silver code is fine, the market is hard to find, so it is rented into the unit. The owner entered the market as early as January 2006, and the purchase price was 1.058 million. Even if it is lower than the market price, the return is close to 10%.

Kaifeng Park rental return of 2.6%

Huang Qingde, senior regional manager of Xiangyi Real Estate, said that the Tuen Mun Wharf area has convenient transportation. The latest one is the renting of Kaifeng Park, three middle-floor A rooms, 414 square meters of practical area, and two rooms and two halls. Recently, the mainland has been favored by mainland tourists. The tenant loves the location of the neighborhood near the children. The inner cage is spacious and the room is open to the whole sea. With most of the appliances, he decided to rent it for $1.25 million. Practical rent is 30.2 yuan. If the calculation of the same type of unit bank is about 5.78 million, the unit’s rental return rate will be 2.6 per cent.

Aoxiang Bay full sea view 45200 yuan leased out

Yu Muxian, the co-director of the Central Division of the Central Plains Mansion, said that the renting of the high-rise room D in the Oasis Bay area of ​​the Mid-Levels of the West, the unit has a usable area of ​​790 square meters, and the three-bedroom set is separated to the north to enjoy the full sea view. The owner rented out the unit for 45,200 yuan, and the average practical rent was 57.2 yuan. According to the data, the original owner bought the unit at 12.46 million in July 2009, holding the goods for 10 years and the rental return was 4.4%.

Nanli  268  rent 22,500

Huang Longzhi, director of Lijiage Real Estate Sales, revealed that the lease of the third floor of the middle floor of the Nanli District of the West Ring has been recently recorded. The saleable area is about 268 square meters, which is a one-bedroom suite with an open kitchen space. The unit was eventually leased at 22,500 yuan, and the saleable area was about 84 yuan. It is reported that in June 2019, the landlord bought the above units at a price of about 7.78 million. The current rental rate is about 3.5%.

Yuanqing 431, negotiated to rent 500 yuan

Midland Real Estate Assistant Regional Manager Zhou Yongye said that there is a 431-foot lease transaction in Tsuen Wan, and the leased flat is a middle-floor apartment A. The saleable area is about 431 square feet. It is a one-bedroom terrace with a few years. The age of the building is close to the MTR station. The traffic is convenient and the rent is attractive. After the bargaining, the reduction is about 500 yuan. The monthly rent is 18,500 yuan. The practical rent is about 42.9 yuan. The owner purchased the above properties in August 2014 at approximately 6.609 million. If the current rent is used, the rental return is about 3.4%.

Hi, 1 room, low floor, 13,800 rented out

Yu Bo, the chief regional director of Hong Kong Real Estate, said that there was a case of Changsha Bay’s happy rental transaction. The unit was a low-rise F room with a one-bedroom interval and a view of the building. The saleable area was about 299 square feet. It is understood that the owner rented a rent of about 14,500 yuan for 2 weeks to attract foreign visitors to negotiate, after the bargaining price, a slight price reduction of 700 yuan, rented out for 13,800 yuan, practical rent of 46.2 yuan. According to the information, the owner purchased the above units in September 2017 for about 4.468 million, and the current return is about 3.7 percent.

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