4 sets of Saturdays vs. the biggest size after the Spring Festival, the last 114 people raised the price of 3.9%, 19,500

4 sets of Saturdays vs. the biggest size after the Spring Festival, the last 114 people raised the price of 3.9%, 19,500

A number of developers are scrambling to push the market and warming up the new market. New World (00017) To Kwa Wan is still pushing the last 114 gangs yesterday, with an average price of 19,556 yuan, up 3.9% from the previous batch, and “cooling" to push all 294 people on Saturday (23rd) ) for sale. Hong’an Real Estate (01243) led the development of the Yantang platform and also promoted 33 groups, with an average price of 17,722 yuan, and a total of 108 people on Saturday. The recent sales of the LP6, the Tsing Lung Kuk Estate, the Tung Chung Estate, was also joined by the squad. The 248 gangs were added yesterday. The average price of the franchise was $16,605, up by 3.7% in batches. Sham Shui Po AVA 228, 486 pairs were added in 5 sets on a single day yesterday, and on Saturday (23rd) there were 4 sets of 616 pairs of confrontation, which was the biggest weekend of the new year after the New Year.

In the past few days, the number of tickets has soared. The developers pushed the remaining 114 teams yesterday. The discounted price was 4.805 million to 8.631 million yuan. The average price was 19,556 yuan, up 3.9% from the previous price list. In the evening, the sales arrangement was arranged, and “Sun-cooling" pushed all 294 people to sell on Saturday. The news said that the project had accumulated more than 2,500 votes as of last night, in order to sell all 294 buddies, over 7.5 times over, and cut tickets at noon on Friday (22nd).

LP6 platform AVA228 has been pushed

Recently, the LP6, which has been on the rise in sales, led the developer Nanfeng to issue a new price list of 248 pairs, with a usable area of ​​422 to 1086 square meters, a discounted price of 7.299 million to 19.51 million yuan, and an average price of 16,605 yuan. Compared with last October, the previous price list was up by 3.7%.

Lu Zihao, general manager of Nanfeng Development Real Estate Development Department and Sales Department, said that the original price was added, and the average price was higher than the previous one. The main reason was to launch more high-rise sea view units, which was pushed on a first-come, first-served basis this Saturday. 195 people were sold, and another 284 people started bidding on the same day. The next week (25th), the bidding was closed. Only 56 of the project have not yet been launched. The LP6, located at No. 1 Kangcheng Road, offers 2,392 people, with a usable area of ​​289 to 2712 square meters, and will be admitted at the end of September next year.

Hong’an Real Estate also promoted 33 groups in Fujian and Taiwan yesterday, with a usable area of ​​456 to 531 square meters. The discounted price was 8.57 million to 9.69 million yuan. The average price was 17722 yuan, which was less than 1%. The developer also pushed the two price lists for a total of 99 teams to be sold on Saturdays, and a total of 9 groups were put on sale, that is, 108 people were sold on the same day. According to market news, as of last night, about 480 votes were received, and 99 people were sold by lottery. The purchase price was 3.8 times. Located at No. 8 Chongshan Street, it offers 326 gangs, with a usable area of ​​456 to 1838 square meters. It will be occupied by the end of October next year.

Investors from the Luhua family’s Sham Shui Po single-seat mini-disc AVA 228 also launched a 19-person launch on Saturday, bringing a total of 616 gangs on Saturday for a total of 616 gangs, the biggest weekend after the spring.

Langcheng remittance of 5.64 million admission

Hua Tuo also joined the rush, and the remaining 72 units of the Yuen Long Estate in Yuen Long also issued price lists yesterday. The saleable area was 319 to 754 square feet. The discounted price was 5,461,100 to 1,92,200,000 yuan, and the average price was 15,876 yuan. Compared with the previous price list, the price increase was 2.3%. The relevant sales arrangements have yet to be announced.

Yuen Long Peibu buyers can get Audi

In addition, Yuanzhan (00035) Yuen Long low-density bungalow project Pei Jue, yesterday with the European car brand Audi launched the “Star Awards", from March 23 to May 31, with a designated 180-day period Payment plan to buy buyers of Perak House, you can get a 2019 new Audi Q5 45 TFSI Quattro worth 724,400 yuan. Chen Fuqiang, Director of Far Business and Marketing (Hong Kong), said that depending on the market reaction, the type and number of remaining bungalows will be decided.