The next round of the shore is 62 units

The next round of the shore is 62 units

The new plate continued to heat up. Henderson Land (00012) launched a second round of sales of 148 gangs yesterday. Although the overall price increase was over 10%, it was still about 62 gangs at the end of the day. The sales were about 42%. The results were good. The discounted price is as high as $25,900. After two rounds of sales, the project has accumulated more than 300 people.

In the urban area, the second round of sales of the second round of sales was reduced compared with the first round of sales. The average price of 148 sets of discounted sales was nearly 23,000, which was a sharp increase from the average of 246 sets of the first round of sales of 20,399 yuan. 12.5%, but there were also many prospective buyers coming to pick up the building yesterday evening.

Lin Damin: Consider the sale of featured households

Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency Business (1), said that as of 8:00 last night, about 61 people had been selected for the project. The unit with the highest transaction price and the highest transaction price was the B8 room on the 28th floor, with a price of 11.975 million. Yuan, the price of 28,127 yuan (about 25,877 yuan), is actively considering the introduction of special households to sell by tender. The market said that there were about 62 people last night, and there were no shortage of big-handed buyers. Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, said that the bank had a buyer who spent nearly 12 million yuan to buy two groups.

The new high-priced transaction is endless, and the letter (00083) Guantang Guanyue. The special room of Room B of 38th Floor of Huafeng was sold with double broken roof. The unit has a practical area of ​​1287 square meters. There is also a 192 square platform. The transaction price is 34.539 million yuan, which is the most expensive in the housing estate. The price of 26879 yuan is even higher in the district. .

Changshi (01113) Liwan Haizhilian. Love Hyunmei launched 11 groups of sales, and implemented 3 transactions yesterday. It is reported that a group of customers purchased 5,720,800 yuan and bought the 5A and 15th floor A and B rooms. The practical area is 1162 square meters, and the price is 24,700 yuan. A group of the same room 49, floor A, sold for 30.80 million yuan, the price of 26,500 yuan. Guo Ziwei, director of Changshi Real Estate Investment, said that he was satisfied with the results of the bidding. The property market has recently returned to the market. This is the response of the successful test market to the project. As there are not many units remaining, it is expected that the future selling price will increase by about 10%.