The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refers to the central government’s firm support for governance

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refers to the central government’s firm support for governance.

The Government’s amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance triggered millions of people to go to the streets on two consecutive Sundays. The main demands include requesting the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue to step down. In Beijing, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Wei reiterated that the central government has always fully affirmed the work of Lin Zhenghe and the SAR and firmly supported the Chief Executive and the SAR Government in administering the government according to law.

Asked whether Lin Zheng’s stepping down is the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong, Lu said that it is definitely not in line with mainstream public opinion to confuse Hong Kong. It also emphasizes that the central government strongly condemns the acts of violence, firmly supports the police to punish according to law, and guards the rule of law and law and order of the Hong Kong SAR. Variety.

Wen Cuishan will talk with Hu Chunhua about the demonstration

For US Secretary of State Pompeo, he said that he believes that President Trump will discuss the large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the G20 summit at the end of the month. Lu Yan shows that if anyone is preconceived with prejudice, there is no basis. China will make resolute opposition to China’s domestic affairs, including Hong Kong, by making one-sided or preconceived accusations and even interfering in China’s internal affairs with relevant issues. Some foreign leaders are sincerely trying to understand China’s domestic policies and conditions. As long as it is goodwill, China has always been open to strengthening communication. He also mentioned that many facts have indicated that foreign governments and some politicians have been making incitement since the Hong Kong government decided to amend the law.

British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan said yesterday that a Chinese spokesperson, Hu Chunhua, will attend the 10th China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue in London and present the issue of Hong Kong’s anti-reform demonstrations. The spokesman said that the large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong clearly expressed opposition to the amendments and welcomed the attention of the SAR Government.

The Hong Kong Office of the People’s Republic of China approved the foreign media to ignite

The Office of the Special Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong once again commented on the revision of the “Fugitive Offenders Regulations” by individual Western media, and made solemn representations, urging the cessation of confusion and igniting. The head of the Office criticized that some Western media disregarded the facts, criticized the amendments and openly provoked external forces to intervene in Hong Kong affairs, and expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition. They also reiterated that external pressure will only arouse all China including Hong Kong compatriots. The strong indignation of the people, “the consequence must be to lift the stone and lick their own feet” and urge the relevant media to immediately correct the mistake.

The mainland official media “People’s Daily” overseas version published a commentary yesterday, saying that Lin Zheng announced on Saturday that the suspension of the amendment was “wide support from all walks of life in Hong Kong”. The central government also supported the suspension of the review of the amendments and further listened to the views of the community. He also praised Lin Zheng for two years. Leading the SAR to act positively in the spirit of “not seeking for easyness and avoiding difficulties”, the central government fully affirmed the work of her and the SAR government, describing the justification and necessity of the revision of the “Fugitive Offenders Regulations”. The central government firmly supports and believes that it passes through the Hong Kong Government. Efforts and social rational discussions, Hong Kong society will certainly be able to eliminate doubts and reach a consensus.