The rise in the transaction price of public housing greens fell. The Tsuen Wan Tung Tao Court built a total of 13,500

The rise in the transaction price of public housing greens fell. The Tsuen Wan Tung Tao Court built a total of 13,500.

In recent months, the social atmosphere has deteriorated, and the public has waited for the results of the new HOS drawing. The pace of entering the market has slowed significantly. According to the Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority), in the first half of June, only 9 unpaid land premium-funded homes were recorded in Hong Kong, a decrease of about 72.7% from 33 in the same period in May. In the first half of last year, it recorded an eight-month low since the first seven months. However, in recent months, the quality of the market was clearly seen. For example, a public housing estate in Heng On Estate, Ma On Shan, was sold at an unpaid land price of $3.4 million. The price of the flat was broken through the 7,000-yuan price and the price of the uncompleted land price was refreshed. Wan Tao House Dong Tao Court also has low-rise households with a transaction price of 13,538 yuan, a new high in the housing estate.

In June, there was no land premium subsidy for the flooding of housing. In Kowloon, only one sale of the Diamond Hill Home, Wang King Estate, was recorded. In Tsing Yi, there was a rare sale. However, the Housing Authority was of a temporary nature. I will have the opportunity to make adjustments later.

Hengan Village has a record of 7010 yuan per trip

Although the market was sold in June, the price divergence continued. Century 21 Qifeng Regional Manager Zhuang Ruisheng said that there are 17 high-rise rooms in Henghai Building, 4 Hengan Village, Maanshan, with a practical area of ​​485 square meters. The original plan is open-plan, with a asking price of 3.5 million yuan. The original owner made a concession of 100,000 yuan, that is, 3.4 million yuan was not paid for land price, the price was 7010 yuan, and the price of the house was not a new high. The original owner purchased the unpaid land price of 2 million yuan in 2016 and earned 1.4 million yuan (70%) on the book.

A 592 sq ft mid-rise unit in Siu Sai Wan Estate, Fu Shing Estate, which was sold at an unreserved land price of $6.3 million this month. The price of the estate and the price of the estate have been broken for two consecutive months. Transaction.

Yu Tsui Court is expected to squat Sha Tin Home Ownership

The Housing Authority also updated the number of uncompleted land premium subsidised housing transactions in Hong Kong. A total of 220 transactions were recorded last month, but they continued to fall for two months, about 26.2% less than the 298 cases in April. During the period, some high-priced net leaks were also exposed yesterday. For example, the second floor of Xiaotao Court, Block A of Dongtao Court, has a practical area of ​​554 square meters. The original plan is 3 bedrooms and enjoys sea view. Hongzhi Property Account Manager Liang Zhiqing pointed out that it was not The land price was 7.5 million yuan, and the price was 13538 yuan, which was the highest price of the uncompleted land price. The original owner purchased in 2015 with an unpaid land premium of 5.33 million yuan and earned 2.17 million yuan (about 40.7%).

In fact, the number of applications for new homes in the Housing Authority has exceeded 300,000. Some buyers have already rushed to the second-hand market at a high price. Fu Wei Real Estate Division Manager Sun Weiwen said that a passenger on the Tsz Wan Shan “sees the new homes in the air and is difficult to pump, and when the buyer is surprised, the buyer will return to buy more expensive". Recently, the land was purchased at the same area with an unpaid land price of 4.28 million yuan. Room 3, High Floor, Ai Yin Court, Block B, Home Ownership Scheme, with a saleable area of ​​401 sq ft, two rooms spaced apart, with a price of 10,673 yuan. The price of the home has not been updated. The original owner did not make up the land price of 970,000 yuan in 2000, and the book made a big profit of 3.31 million yuan (about 3.4 times).

In addition, Sha Tin Home Owners Yu Chui Court is also expected to be born in the district. The news points out that Block A of the High Block, Block A, has a saleable area of ​​650 square feet. The original plan is 3 bedrooms. The buyer has not paid the land premium of 750. The purchase price of 10,000 yuan is coming to an end, and the construction price is expected to hit a new high in the uncompleted land price of Sha Tin. The price is up to 11,538 yuan. According to the original owner’s 2015 non-replacement price of 5.5 million yuan, if the transfer of the book earned 2 million yuan (about 36.4%).

Liao Weiqiang, president of Lijiage Real Estate, said that the property market in June was dragged down by a number of negative factors, such as the Sino-US trade war and the deterioration of the social atmosphere. The number of subsidized housing transactions also slowed down, but I believe that the political events that have caused the recent deterioration of the social atmosphere are expected. The soft landing, coupled with a serious over-subscription of new HOS flats, or stimulating some prospective purchasers to return to the secondary market, will help boost the trading of subsidized housing in the second half of the year. “There are opportunities for the home to be the initial bottom."