Special first meeting, all walks of life apologize for lack of work

Special first meeting, all walks of life apologize for lack of work

Over a million people have once again taken to the streets to request the complete withdrawal of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. The Chief Executive, Mrs Lam, apologized on the press release on Sunday and did not make a public appearance yesterday. She met at the Government House yesterday with representatives of the Executive Council, the Higher Education, the Primary and Secondary School Principals and the religious representatives. According to the comprehensive participants, Lin Zheng admitted at the meeting that the suspension of the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance was actually equivalent to “withdrawal" because the current government will no longer propose amendments.

Hope to mend the relationship with young people

Deng Zhenqiang, the president of the Secondary School Principal, who urged the government to suspend the amendments, said that Lin Zheng had insufficient government work at the meeting, which caused great social turmoil and took the initiative to apologize again. In addition, she also suggested that she hopes to spend more time listening to the voices of young people in the long run. The Government will also consider how to tie up relations with different sectors of the community, especially young people. Deng suggested that the current first task is to rebuild social trust. It should raise the issue of confrontation between the government and the people through the establishment of an independent committee to investigate the amendments.

Zhao Xiangyu, chairman of the Hong Kong DSS School and Chen Shuqu Memorial Middle School, also pointed out that Lin Zheng said that he hopes to restore relations from young teachers and young people. In addition, the Secretary for Education, Mr. Yang Runxiong, sent a letter to the school supervisors and principals of the territory earlier, urging the schools to deal with the strike teachers in accordance with the relevant regulations. The Chief Executive did not mention the matter yesterday.

It is learnt that when Lin met with representatives of the sector yesterday, he apologized more than once for “insufficient work" and promised to reiterate this on different occasions. Some delegates revealed that some principals questioned that the Government’s characterization of the encirclement of the Legislative Council last Wednesday as “riots" would only repel many young people who did not involve conflicts. The Administration should not “one size fits all" to regard the whole matter as a riot. At the meeting, Lin Zheng responded that he understood that most young people are expressing their opinions peacefully. The Government is willing to reconcile the views on how to make the society more reconciled. Thanks to the principals and teachers for their professionalism and adherence to teaching posts, the schools in Hong Kong have not occurred. Massive strikes and strikes. She also explained that the announcement of the “suspension" amendment on Saturday was due to the government’s wording restrictions, and in reality it would not restart the legislative process.