Silver host to the mainland off nearly 40 million

The other side of the Mainland, a group of properties bought by the mainland customers have been losing money to make silver. Which the Oxford Road, No. 1 silver house just sold about 210 million yuan, the mainland off nearly 40 million yuan, in recent years, the largest in the territory of erosion.

Oxford Road No. 1 house sold 210 million

The news that the Oxford Road No. 1 single house, practical 5,140 square feet, the original price of 260 million yuan, the city of about 210 million yuan to sell, foot price of 40,900 yuan. Land Registry data show that the above houses to sell furniture in the Mainland background, in 2011 to 238 million yuan to buy in 2013 by a bell surname to provide 150 million yuan of private loans; 2014, respectively, to Hang Seng Bank and a financial company One by one and two press. If the market price to sell, the book has been eroded 28 million yuan, even the cost of nearly 40 million yuan. In addition, the news that the Wan Chai is still in the low-level F room silver master, the effective area of ​​667 square feet, large room interval, just sold at $ 16.5 million, the price of 24,738 yuan per square foot. The original owner of the Mainland for the Mainland, in 2011 to the Henderson (12) to 18.487 million yuan to buy the unit, the developers of the financial company to undertake two press, and then add a record. The goods are sold, the book eclipse nearly 200 million, if the other expenses, material loss of more than 2.6 million yuan.

Tseung Kwan O Tian Jin is now “more disk" for sale. Located in the Tian Jin II 2B with the platform characteristics of households, practical 962 square feet, this month on the 24th by the Central Asia auction, asking price of 12 million yuan. Owners in February 2013 to 10.6 million yuan to buy units, five degrees to the private finance company plus. The United States and the United States Wu Zhaizhi said, Quarry Bay Lushan House Lushan House low-level G room two rooms is king, practical 589 square feet, the price of 9.2 million yuan, low market price of about 5%.