yoo 18 BONHAM sold a total of 12 partners

Yoo 18 BONHAM, a residential project located at No. 14 Bonham Road in the Mid-Levels, has recently uploaded books and buildings. The project opened two demonstration buildings in the flats and the clubhouse facilities to the media yesterday. The two flats are located on the 9th floor And floors 25 to 26, respectively, with usable areas of 1,228 square feet and 2,499 square feet respectively. The project provides only three full-floor units, eight two-storey duplex units and a three-story sky-house with a salable area of ​​approximately 1,228 to 3,721 square feet. It is reported that the project will be launched in the short term, all 12 will be tender, developers are expected to plow through the sales strategy in stages, and does not set a guide price.

Prospects for property appreciation of Zeng Huanping, managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle Jones Lang LaSalle, are confident that the two above-ground demonstration units will be scheduled to visit prospective buyers starting from next week and will be available for sale under existing condition with decoration and furniture. Duplex households will be launched in the final phase of real estate sales.

Hong Island plus 54 push

In addition, the development of Nan Fung Hong Kong Island East Hong Kong Island, yesterday pushed plus the new fifth unit, at the same time launched the “first two years of interest subsidy first mortgage payment approach." The price list involves 54 partners. The salable area ranges from 513 sq ft to 1,228 sq ft, with two rooms to four rooms. Price Order No. 5 priced from 13,720,000 yuan to 42,540,000 yuan, practical price of about 26,552 yuan to 34,642 yuan. The lowest flat price is about $ 12.2 million and the lowest discount is about $ 19,497. It is expected that developers will announce the sales arrangements of the relevant units as soon as next week.

In addition, according to one-handed sales network display, Henderson (0012) No. 1 Nanchang upload price list No. 5 involved 15, respectively, the effective area of ​​365 and 366 square feet, priced from 7039000 to 755.9 million, an average of real 19,861 Yuan, as for the average actual square foot 19,265 yuan. The disk will be on sale next Monday 8 group.