Stanley Village Road 50 houses about 150 million sell

According to the Land Registry, according to information provided by the Land Registry, the double bungalow at 50 Stanley Village Road, Sunderland (0016) has a salable area of ​​2,725 square feet, with a land area of ​​104 square feet and a garden area of ​​689 square feet , Parking area of ​​393 square feet, rooftop area of ​​552 square feet, the transaction price of 1.455 billion yuan, the practical price of about 53,394 yuan foot. As for the registered buyers why HO YUK YEE JULIE and LAU TSZ PAN.

In addition, with the Department of Nanchang Railway Station Receipt II works in full swing, the new general manager Chen Hanlin revealed that the current subscription of subscribers to local buyers, accounting for more than 90%. About half of the subscribers are interested in buying open and one-bedroom units while the remaining half are two- and four-bedroom units. He also said that the North Island Sea Xuan tender documents issued yesterday, there is no guide price, and maintain the closing of December 11.

Johnny sold 59 on Monday

Lin Man-yee, deputy general manager of personal banking and wealth management at Bank of China (Hong Kong), said the bank launched a diversified mortgage program for Secunix II customers and launched the HIBOR “Hedging" Mortgage Plan with a H + 1.4% interest rate, depending on customer conditions And conditions further adjustments; there are also BOCHK2388 high-interest-rate deposit plan, customer ID card any BOCHK2388 any number or number, you can enjoy a higher deposit rate.

In addition, KOKUYO project of KOKUYO invested and developed the sales arrangement yesterday. The sales arrangement will be released on the first round of sales next Monday. There will be 59 lots in lottery No. 1 and No. 2 on the lottery basis. Sunday night cut-off. Lot No. 1 and Lot No. 2 each involve 30 units, with an average of HK $ 20,143 and HK $ 20,200 respectively.