October 416, the building closed at a high of six months turnover

The report pointed out that the sale of industrial buildings in October 416 cases, for six consecutive years, keep the high.

Zhu Liang Heng, senior business director of Real Estate Business Department at Ricacorp Industrial and Commercial Branch, said that trading in industrial buildings has been hovering at a peak of more than 400 for the past six months, which was the best performing period since the hot spit introduction in early 2013.

According to the property information of Ricacorp (Industrial and Commercial Branch), 416 property registrations for industrial property in Hong Kong in October 2017 (the figure mainly reflecting the market conditions of the industrial market two to four weeks ago) were down 8% from 454 in September. It surpassed the relatively high level of 400 cases for six consecutive months. During the period, the registered value of industrial buildings registered a record low of 39.37 billion yuan, down 29% from 5.509 billion yuan in September, the lowest level in nearly three months. The main reason was the excessively large registration Reduce the result.

Fine and ultra-high-price commercial buildings turn down

Analyzed by type of property price, the increase in October was mainly among the high-priced industrial buildings in the registration list for sale and purchase of seven price groups. The decrease was recorded at both the fine and the excessively high prices. Among them, the group with a value of between $ 20 million and $ 50 million recorded the largest increase of 64%. There were 23 cases in October, 9 more cases than in September, followed by those with a value of between $ 10 million and $ 20 million, up 44% Get 49 registrations. As for the $ 100 million or above, only 2 transactions were registered last month, down 33% from the previous 3 and the group with the most active registration of 2 million to 5 million also fell 8% to 175 Buying and selling. In addition, the registration of the top 10 expensive industrial buildings in the previous month was the most notable for the registration of over $ 1.111 billion in the whole block of Chi Luen Hing Industrial Building in Wong Chuk Hang, followed by 153 million in the ground floor and 1 floor of Kwun Tong Kin Kai Industrial Building Yuan registration.

An analysis of the 10 major industrial zones regularly observed by the bank showed a total increase of 5 districts, 4 falls and 1 flat. The largest increase was recorded in Wong Chuk Hang District. The total number of registrations for sale and purchase in the district in October was 16 cases, 1.3 times more than the 7 cases in September. As for Chai Wan District, the largest decline was recorded in 57%, with only 19 registered in the month and the hottest Kwai Chung district registered 111 trade registrations for the full month, but also dropped 4% on a monthly basis.

Zhu Liangheng pointed out that the overall economy and property market in Hong Kong have enjoyed steady growth. Among them, the stock market is booming and the market sentiment is on the positive side. As a result, the property market in the industrial and commercial buildings can also benefit from the construction. It is expected that the remaining two months’ Over the past six months, more than 400 levels have been hovering. By January next year, when there is another new market for industrial buildings to be launched, the market may reach a new high. From the first half of this month, over 270 registrations have been recorded for the sale of industrial and commercial buildings. As a result, the total number of over-450 jobs in the whole of November will continue to rise.