Yuen Long Lang Cheng Hui

With the opening of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-High-speed Railway and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the life circle of the Hong Kong people has further expanded. The concept of the far and near of the region has also changed. For example, Yuen Long, which was labeled as “Hawthorn", has become a convenient transportation station today. One hour living area core area. In addition to the convenience of the railway, the new Panlang City Meeting in the district has mastered the rhythm of the bustling city life in the district. It is not much different than living in the so-called new urban district. Text, photography: Carick

Developed by Chinachem, Langchenghui is located at No. 1 Maheng Road, Yuen Long. It consists of four residential buildings with 19 to 29 storeys high, providing a total of 720 units. The unit’s usable area is about HK$13,000 and the entrance fee is about HK$4.8 million. The key date is expected to be July 31, 2020.

Main two-bedroom

The 1st to 3rd floor of the housing estate is 29 stories high, with 6 to 9 people on each floor. As for the 5th (no 4th) building, there are 19 floors, each with 6 groups, each with 2 to 3 Elevator. The project mainly provides three types of houses, including one room with a practical area of ​​319 to 332 square feet, a total of 162 groups; the two-bedroom unit has a practical area of ​​479 to 579 square feet, a total of 376 people; another three-bedroom suite plus storage compartment, practical area 690 to 754 square feet, a total of 182. All units do not have window sills to improve practicality. Each household has an external 22-square-foot terrace and a 16-square-foot work platform with a height of about 3 meters between the layers. In recent years, there are few housing estates that do not have low-rise platforms or high-rise rooftops. They win in a flat style.

Hall and room can be opened

The developer set up a sales and marketing hall at the Tsuen Wan Plaza in Tsuen Wan and set up a modified demonstration and a demonstration unit for the clean water house for interested parties. After modification, the decoration demonstration unit is based on the H room on the 28th floor of Block 3. The practical area is 690 square feet, and the three-bedroom suite is separated from the storage room. The unit does not have a porch, and the interior is a rectangular hall. The dining room near the main entrance has a black dining table and a white dining chair. It is simple and stylish with a gray stone wall. There are three gray combs and two round coffee tables in the living room, leaving enough room to move around. Outside the hall, there is a 22-square-foot terrace, glass door and floor-to-ceiling windows. The separate kitchen is located between the two halls. The kitchen is equipped with white kitchen cabinets. The room is bright white and has a curved work bench. The kitchen is connected to the storage room and has high practicality. The designer opened one of the bedrooms to the lobby and became a semi-open study. The room and the hall were separated by a metal shelf, and the shelves were covered with a TV to save space.

Master room with work platform

The bathroom and bedroom of the unit are connected by the corridor. The gray stone wall of the guest toilet is designed in the same way as the dining room wall, and is equipped with a copper seat wash basin and a cylinder. The single bed in the sleeping room can be placed close to the window, highlighting the benefits of not having a window sill, freeing up enough space for a desk chair and a double door wardrobe. After the double bed in the master room can be placed on the three sides of the bed, the bedroom and the external 16 square foot work platform, more to see the style. The owner’s toilet is fully white, and the wall, bathtub and basin are covered with white clouds and elegant style. At the same time, there is a standard clear water room on the 28th floor of Room H, the original kitchen is decorated with black and brown color, with wood grain, earth color kitchen cabinets, and equipped with Siemens series appliances, including range hoods. , a refrigerator, an embedded washer-dryer and an embedded steamer, and a MiaCucina built-in gas cooking stove. The master bathroom has white marble with a Baind’Or toilet and Hansgrohe shower faucet with ventilated windows.

Pedestrian bridge connected to Langping Station

The base of the project has a clubhouse, which is designed by the famous interior designer Liang Zhitian to implement the simple and natural aestheticism of the design master. The clubhouse is located on the ground floor and on the first floor. Facilities include a 23-meter outdoor swimming pool, fun pool, outdoor children’s playground, fitness room, sauna, yoga room, music room, banquet hall and outdoor seating. The project also has a basement parking lot. However, there are only 57 parking spaces, that is, about 12 households are allocated a parking space. Fortunately, the estate is adjacent to the Long Ping West Rail Station. In the future, the platform will be equipped with a pedestrian footbridge to connect to the MTR station. It is only a few minutes away from the bus terminus of Yuen Long (West) and convenient transportation. The area is well-developed. There are also Yuen Long Government Offices and Bridge Market in the vicinity. There are also shopping centres such as Yuen Long Plaza and Thousand Colors. It also has a wide range of commercial and recreational facilities such as cinemas, town halls and stadiums. You are also close at hand, enjoying the prosperity of the bustling city.