Mai Lingling bought 17.74 million BMW Hill Garden

The property market has weakened, and there is no plan to scare away celebrities to buy buildings to collect rents. The scholars, Mai Lingling, have bought a rent of 17.48 million yuan to buy 3 rents from the BMW Hill Garden in North Point. The monthly rental income is 40,000 yuan. , the return is nearly 3%.

According to market news, the middle and high-rise room C of Block 6 of BMW Mountain Garden has a practical area of ​​845 square feet and 3 rooms. The original owner reduced the price by 2.52 million yuan (12.6%) and then sold it for 17.48 million yuan. The price was 20686 yuan. The home is a scholar, Mai Lingling. She accepted the purchase of the unit when she accepted the enquiry, and said that the quality units in the district were close to each other, and it was difficult for the property market to gain market access. It is expected to collect rent in the future, with a monthly rent of up to 40,000 yuan and a return of 2.7%.

呎 2.0 20,600,000 yuan

According to the agent in the district, Mai Lingling is currently living in a middle-floor 3 bedroom unit in Block 6 of Xihu Building in the same district. The practical area is 1297 square meters. The unit was purchased in 2014 with a parking space of 26.5 million yuan. Mai Lingling dispatched the tower from time to time, so she is familiar with the market conditions in the district, including the previous platoon of Ulsan in the district. Although she did not enter the market, she still chose to increase the second-hand housing in the district.

The agent pointed out that the purchase of the BMW Hill Garden unit by Mai Lingling, two small rooms “looking at the Saixi Lake Park, the master room has a sea view, the king is the case, but the mountain is always looking back, the most important is the victory in the flat “." The data shows that the upper floor of the 3rd floor A room has a practical area of ​​843 square meters and 3 units. In May this year, it changed hands with 21.5 million yuan, and the price was 25,504 yuan. The price of Mai Lingling purchased was 18.9%. The original owner purchased it for 7.18 million yuan in 2007, earning 10.3 million yuan (about 1.4 times).

In addition, the two-bedroom unit in Taikoo City of Quarry Bay lost 10 million yuan. Wu Rongji, senior chief sales manager of Midland Realty, said that the low-rise room A of Nanshan Pavilion has a practical area of ​​536 square meters. The two rooms are separated and the price is reduced by 350,000 after one month. Yuan, to 9.6 million yuan, the price of 18004 yuan. The same unit on the same floor, the lower floor of Room A, has a practical area of ​​518 square meters. In June, it was sold for 10.55 million yuan. According to the property price, the unit fell nearly “one ball" (about 8.5%). The original owner bought it for 1.13 million yuan in 1990, earning 8.85 million yuan (about 7.5 times).

Sun Huiqiang, manager of Sun Property Branch, said that the second floor of Room 2, Jintaoyuan, Hung Hom Whampoa Garden, has a saleable area of ​​466 square meters. The two rooms are separated. After one month of release, the price is reduced by 1.1 million yuan to 6.8 million yuan. , the price of 14592 yuan, compared with the lower floor of the same floor, the same room B room in June costing 7.69 million yuan, down 890,000 yuan (about 11.6%). The original owner of the above-mentioned unit entered the market with 381.248 million yuan in 1985, earning a total of 641.8752 million yuan (about 16.8 times).