Central Central Buyers pay interest H+3%

Central Central Buyers pay interest H+3%

At the end of last year, Cheung Kong (001) sold 75% of the Central Center’s ownership for 40.2 billion yuan. Several Dasha buyers revealed that they had completed the sub-contracting and bank re-issuance procedures. Among them, “The Tape King" Chen Bingzhi The first disclosure of the conversion interest rate was H + 3%.

Chen Bingzhi and the relevant person holding the 10th floor of Central Central have already transferred the floor to their place. Chen Bingzhi bluntly said: “As early as a month ago, I have planned to re-route the central floor of Central and transfer it to private ownership. I use Hang Seng Bank (011) more and the interest rate is also good, at H+3% (about 5%). A total of more than 40 floors have been transferred to the respective owners."

Despite the friction between China and the United States, Chen is still optimistic about the prospects for commercial leases. The two-storey office building of the Central District of the City has been rented out. Mr Chan said: “The two floors and other floors are now being rented and tenants are tight. The asking price for each side is between $90 and $100. Wait, now only focus on renting out the unit."

Maya: Unintentional sale

The two-floor market is the 38th and 39th floors held by Chen Bingzhi. Each floor has a floor area of ​​25,412 square meters. Originally, KR space from Beijing signed an 8-year-old shared office with a monthly rent of over 4.3 million yuan.

As for the “minibus" King Maya who holds the largest floor of the Central Centre, he attended the event yesterday and stressed that “the sale" has no intention to sell. At present, the occupancy rate of the floor held is 90%, and only the lower floors are not rented out.

Ma Yamu pointed out that about 10% of the lower-level units were not rented out, and there was no plan to sell any units. They also said: “There is a prospect to make a sale," and said that “the rent is good!" He expected the lower level. The price will remain around $80. He also said that there is no “new target" investment in commercial buildings, but “stocks have low absorption", such as Tencent (700), HKEx (388) and HSBC (005). He also revealed: “I have a finance company and the central floor of the purchase has been mortgaged."

Zhu Liyuehua, chief executive of Jin Lifeng (1031), said that some shareholders will sell the floor, but they have no intention of selling it, and some will stay for use. At the same time, some of the floors will be rented, with a low rent of $80 and a high level of over $100. As for the re-entry, Mrs Tsang said: “When buying the Central Building, there have been financial arrangements. The loan problem is not big."