Mong Kok Tung Choi Street Shop price of 3.58 million for sale

Mong Kok Tung Choi Street Shop price of 3.58 million for sale

The mid-price shop was sought after by investors, and the trading volume was stable. The Mong Kok Tongcai Street was connected to the shop floor, with a turnover of 43 million, with an average price of 35,800 and a new buyer’s return of 2.6 per cent. The property appreciated by 2.6 times in 12 years, and the original owner’s book profit exceeded 30 million.

The above is the E&F Shop No. 1M to 1T, Mong Kok Tung Choi Street. It covers an area of ​​about 1200 sq ft. It is calculated at a hand-to-hand price of 43 million. The average price of the shop is 35,800. Jiaoji, the market value of the monthly rent of 45,000, as for the F shop tenants for the Taijiao Hainan chicken, monthly rent of 50,000, the market value of rent a total of 95,000, the new buyer is expected to return 2.6 percent. In June 2006, the original owner purchased the above-mentioned connected shop for 11.8 million. The goods were held for 12 years, the book profit was 32.2 million, and the property appreciation was 2.7 times.

Return 2.6%

Shop No. 19, G/F, Fu Ka Garden, 15-35 Nam Tung Estate, Sha Tin, Sha Tin. It covers an area of ​​about 359 square feet. It is now the Mei Lian Property. The city has about 230,000 renewals per month. The average rent is $640. It is also 230,000, which is the original price renewal. However, some agents pointed out that the renewal of the lease is still in negotiation and has not yet been implemented.

2.7 times in 12 years

Fang Jinyao, deputy director of the shop of the Central Plains (Industry and Commerce), said that the entire building, No. 33A, Mong Kok Road, Mong Kok, including the ground floor, is attic, with an area of ​​about 738 sq ft and 661 sq ft, and 1 to 5 floor office floors, each floor area. About 735 to 800 square meters, the entire floor area is about 5270 square feet. The exterior wall of the project has a large LED billboard, which can be widely used for publicity. Fang said that the property is rented in full form, suitable for chain brands such as cosmetics, apparel and gold, etc. It is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019.